Thursday, October 09, 2014

Gender Fuck Thursday: The Payoff

Remember back in May when Cate Blanchett, Emily Blunt and Zhou Xun were walking and boating around Portofino in the most impeccable tuxedos you’ve ever seen in your whole damn life and your entire body was like, UNF GURGLE FAINT? Remember? Well, the finished images and video from that heaven-send photoshoot have been released, finally.

Yes, yes, it’s for a stupid watch commercial. Yes, yes, I agree Ewan McGregor and Christoph Waltz are a waste of valuable time we could be staring at Cate, Emily and Xun. But, sweet fancy Moses, is that a lot of gorgeous happening. I can’t even decide which pictures I like best.

Like, which Cate is better? This?

Or this?

Which Emily? This?

Or This?

Which Xun? This?

Or this, with bonus Emily?


I’m not even kidding when I say many days I’d rather look at a woman in an impeccably tailored suit than a tiny string bikini. This is one of those days. There’s just so much richness for the eyes to linger on. The mystery and the elegance.

Oh, shut up, idiot. It’s hot. It’s just fucking hot. They look hot. They make you hot. Everything’s hot. In conclusions, to summarize, as I was saying, HOT.

OK, IWC. I will buy all of your dumb watches immediately if each one comes with a Cate, Emily of Xun of our choice – preferably all three. In suits. The suits are non-negotiable. Seriously, keep the watches. Leave the ladies in the suits.

p.s. I made this gif for you because I love you. Ciao, bella.


Helena said...

Wow Dorothy , I will buy if they put that first picture of Cate on the face of the watch :)

Anonymous said...

There's surely fanfiction written at this very moment of this short film:)

Allegra said...

oh, my, thanks, exactly what I needed. Amore, baciami indeed.

Hawk said...

hm this Cate with Emily &

Shasta said...

I'll disagree about Ewan and Christoph Waltz being a waste of time, but I could be in the minority... But boy howdy, could I please live in that commercial? Just delicious!

Anonymous said...

Emily Blunt has never looked so good. Hmm, hmmm!

Yet... said...

oxygen please STAT!

Unknown said...

And that moment where Cate has her arm around Emily. Be still my beating heart.
Note to self: Don't ever lose this link.
Thank you Dorothy - you are an angel sent from the gay goddess of lovely ladies in suits (and all things lovely ladies but especially ones in suits) x

Carmen SanDiego said...

Iwas gonna make a comment but I stared at the gif so longI forgot whatI was gonna say
Thank you for this.

Sol said...

Loved this post! Cate Blanchett is simply gorgeous.
Hated the long and tedious comercial... but is worth it.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I've been waiting for this. Found this a bit too late, but here it is! Thank you Ms Snarker!