Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gender Fuck Thursday: Freeheld Edition

So earlier this week, news broke that a Catholic High School in New York refused to grant permission for Ellen Page and Julianne Moore’s new movie “Freeheld” to film on its campus. In case you were wondering, yes, it was refused because of The Gay. Yes, in 2014 when 32 states (and counting) have granted gays and lesbians the right to marry, l this kind of shit still happens. They’re a religious institution and it’s sadly their prerogative to discriminate. But how utterly ridiculous that they would want to in the first place.

Ellen felt the same way, tweeting:

And, yes, the irony that a movie about fighting institutional discrimination should face institutional discrimination while getting made is not lost on anyone.

In much better news about “Freeheld,” film production is moving right along according to Ellen and Julianne’s Twitter feeds. There is a scene in shorts and a scene in ice skates. And hopefully lots and lots of scenes in suits. The hoodies are pretty cute, too.

I really can’t fully articulate how excited I am for this film. Not only is the cast top-notch, the cast is also fully supportive of what the film and the women’s its lives portray stood for. Equality, justice, love. And this blatant bigotry from the school is a reminder of everything Laurel and Stacie’s lives can still teach us. Don’t stop fighting for what’s right. Because, eventually, we’ll win.

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Helena said...

Agree with you DS that this is still an important message - never think the fight is over. As this just shows , we still have a long way to go.