Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Best. Lesbian. TV. Summer. Ever.

Hey, how’s your summer going? Did you go camping? Plant an organic vegetable garden? Knit a sweater out of your cat’s shedded hair? Hopefully not the latter. Though, if we’re being honest, you probably did what ever other lesbian did. You sat in front of a screen and watched TV. Like, a lot of TV. Like, a lot of good TV. Like, seriously, is this the Best. Lesbian. TV. Summer. Ever. or what? The ass-shaped dent in my couch says yes.

Lesbians have been all over TV these long, hot months. Lesbians on “Pretty Little Liars.” Lesbians on “Orange Is the New Black.” Lesbians on “The Fosters.” Lesbians on “Mistresses.” Lesbians on “Under the Dome.” Lesbians on “The Killing.” Lesbians on “True Blood.” Lesbians on “The Bridge.” Lesbians on “Orphan Black” (fine, that was technically spring, but many folks didn’t catch up until the summer and also Tatiana Maslany). Granted, some of the lesbians and their same-sex relationships were more central to the story than other. Like, what the hell, “True Blood?” If I don’t see some Pam and Tara action before this completely ridiculous season is over I’ll spike your cocktails with Hep-V myself. And, yes, there has been a couple of unfortunately Dead Lesbians.

But, overall, as far as rich, diverse and quality content goes, this summer TV season is kicking all the other TV season’s ass when it comes to quantity and quality for us gay gals. We’re not just peripheral characters to fill a requisite quota. We’re integral to the plot, we’re the reason for the plot. We matter and better yet we’re making people care. And, dayum, some of us are hot. I mean, it’s summer – we should be hot. The days of summer TV being a wasteland are over. Step it up, Fall TV. You’re getting served this summer. I hope this Best. Lesbian. TV. Summer. never ends.

p.s. Further proof that this was truly the Best. Lesbian. TV. Summer. Ever., my dear friend Heather rightfully won the Zeebox $10,000 Get A Room Contest with her Heather Hogan's Summer TV Shenanigans Room.


Rachelle said...
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Rachelle said...


I wrote about the exact same thing. Except that I say Women instead of Lesbians.

I would rather say that this was one of the best years for Women, like the culmination of this tendency - Top of the Lake, The Fall, Orphan Black, The Fosters and finally Orange is the New Black (and others).

It was a really great Summer.

Anonymous said...

Lesbian forensic pathologist on Rookie Blue.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Back in the day I would watch anything on TV that had a lesbian character. Now I cannot keep up. Hope it never ends too

Sally said...

There's a reason that my twitter profile says "possible stereotype" because I have indeed been camping and have planted an organic vegetable garden (with compost from my backyard, natch). No cats or cat sweaters though.

This has indeed been a great summer of TV. And it's QUALITY TV too, not watching whatever crap on just because it has a same-gender loving woman on it in a token role. I'm having trouble keeping up, in fact, with all the awesome shows.

One of the nicest surprises for me has been The Fosters. When I first heard about it, I thought "I don't want to watch a show about child rearing, I have 3 kids already and want some escapism." But I was so delighted with the show. Both the portrayal of Stef and Lena's relationship and the issues they tackle with the kids. It's very real and authentic and it is funny and moving and I love it.

My wife and I see ourselves in their relationship all the time. It goes something like this:

"That passive-agressive behavior is totally you."

"That was mean! It is not. Why would you say that?"

"Okay, I'm sorry. Let's stay up late and process why I said that."

(Heh, just kidding, but I swear that when Stef rolls her eyes at Lena's fretting over her dress, or Lena ignores Stef in bed when she's mad, I totally can see myself.)

Shula said...

It was nice to have a summer of lesbians on TV, takes my mind off the crap of Fall TV programs where lesbians are in peril, depressed, dying, dead, or cheating.

Anonymous said...

I think you jinxed it...I'm seeing bad bad news about a certain Orange is the New Black character.

egghead said...

says otherwise. Hum.

I love it when all lesbians are content and satisfied - just like little kittens. :)

(I got quoted by Piper Kerman tonight on twitter! My first!)

Erin O'Riordan said...

"Like, what the hell, True Blood? If I don’t see some Pam and Tara action before this completely ridiculous season is over I’ll spike your cocktails with Hep-V myself."

Amen x infinity.