Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And on guitar, one cool cat

Hey, remember DeAnne Smith? That funny lesbian who made that funny video about lesbian relationships and hummus and kittens manifested out of love. Well, she’s gone and captured our collective lesbian zeitgeist again by combining a nerdy love song with a ukulele, bowtie, wordplay and kitten. Yes, kitten. So, so much kitten. I feel better about just about everything now. Also, please take your pants off immediately. Just seeing if that would work.

p.s. Sorry of those of you who were disappointed today’s post wasn’t about budgeting strategy to fix America’s infrastructure while carrying on multiple covert wars. Blame the kittens.


Anonymous said...


That was amazing! Since DeAnne wants to be my abacus, she can balance the budget!

Problem solved!


Carmen SanDiego said...

OMG that kitten! Oooooh so cute
I wanna squeeze it and love it and...
Sorry, what were you guys saying about budgeting?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Thank you so much! I'm a dog person, but can't resist a kitten! I love me some nerdy behavior. And I'm stealing those lines - abacus!

Anonymous said...

Needed that! Thanks for posting.

Titus said...

This is great!