Tuesday, July 09, 2013

It's Pat (Unlike)

Thank heavens for Pat Robertson. That old windbag of a wingnut who is fond of blaming gays for causing everything from terrorist attacks to earthquakes, tornadoes and possibly a meteor (Need an instant Michael Bay movie? Just add gays!), is at it again. This time, he’s talking about this crazy newfangled thing where someone “switches on likes in Facebooks.” And what if one of those pictures people are switch on the likes for happens to be of a couple of same-sex guys kissing, what should you do? Tell us, Pat, tell us.

Pat: “To me I would punch vomit, not like.” [BIG LAUGH]

See, don’t old-school bigots like that almost make you smile? I mean, that’s some grade school-worthy taunting right there, Pat. Gays make you totally want to barf. Ha ha! Get it? Gross and cooties and yucky. Vomit.

Here’s the thing about decrepit fossils like Pat. They’re our best reminder of how terrible and terribly wrong the other side really is. And, as more and more minds and hearts are opened everyday, they’re their own worst enemy. Despite the best efforts of the Pat Robertsons of the world we’re becoming – both in public opinion and our laws – a more accepting country. Polls show a majority of Americans now support marriage equality. Public figures – actors, politicians, athletes and the like – who use homophobic slurs get roundly criticized and apologize profusely. Granted, we’re nowhere near ending all homophobia and worse yet violence against LGBT community members. But it’s being exposed for what it is. Ugly. Hateful. Ridiculous. Laughable.

Whenever old Pat opens his mouth to say something willfully ignorant and unapologetically hurtful, I think of the little TV station he started in 1977 called the Christian Broadcasting Network. He used it to spout his crazy there on the “700 Club,” and still does contractually (thanks News Corp, another thing you fucked up for us) in the morning, night and wee hours. But today that channel is called ABC Family and not owned by Pat, but Disney (by way first of News Corp. who made the deal to keep airing the “700 Club”). And today that channel has some of – hands down – the most inclusive programming featuring in the past and present some 20 LGBT characters including shows like “Pretty Little Liars,” “The Fosters,” “Secret Life of the American Teenager,” “Switched at Birth,” “Greek” and “Make It or Break It.”

So maybe we should thank old Pat for exposing the world to his stupidity and hate and in doing so making it exactly what he doesn’t want – a better and more equal place for everyone else.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Programmed much?

This "issue" is manufactured distraction for the sheep.
And old Pat is in on it. You as well, but you don't know your being played.

Thanks. I was wondering where to focus my energy--- ending drone attacks that murder kids, illegal wars, a failing economy and infrastructure, no health care, prison industrial complex, etc. but now I know that we as a race better focus on the needs of gay people. What could be more precient?

Heather Anne Hogan said...

Good points, Anon. In fact, one of my major beefs with American History is the fact that black people had the audacity to fight for their Civil Rights during the 1960s. I mean, hello, the Cuban missile crisis was going on, the Berlin Wall was happening, the largest nuclear weapon to ever be exploded went off in Tsar Bomba, John F. Kennedy was assassinated for Pete's sake. And here were these black Americans just organizing and educating and protesting and demanding to be treated like all the other white citizens in the country.

These minorities are so selfish. Let's fix all the problems in the world and then you'll get your equality, you little brats.

Dorothy Snarker, I would really appreciate it if you would stop writing about gay things on your personal lesbian-themed entertainment blog. Tomorrow I expect a full report on a budgeting strategy to fix America's infrastructure while carrying on multiple covert wars.

Carmen SanDiego said...

It is unbelievable that this same Pat Robertson is in favor marijuana being legal...
Oh, and Standing ovation for Heather Hogan. Again

Anonymous said...

I like the Hogan. She's one of the only ones who willingly takes on silly comments with her custom lightsaber of funny.And I would love to see a Snarker budget.

Anonymous said...

1. Awwww, yay for Heather:) But seriously you guys, put on your foil hats because gays are trying to take over your mind parts.

2. Pat reminds me of that same laughable and cringe worthy generation that is out dated. A generation that my grandparents also grew up in and had leftover ideals such as women have no place in the work force and to whom Asians will forever be "Orientals". Oh bigoted old people with out dated ways of thinking, shush, those are what we call a "never say".

Jody said...

The best part, imo, is that Robertson has always been a joke but now (most of) America finally "gets" the punch line.

Heather Hogan! Get back to work writing about Bering & Wells and the wonder of Jaime Murray!

Anonymous said...


Shame on you for trying to use the struggle of black people for comparison. Pathetic.

Grow up and gain some perspective.
The gay marriage debate is being used as distraction.
We have a president murdering little children over seas via drone strikes. The longest war in our history is still happening. Banking scandals? Ya think we need to focus on these things over gay marriage? Really?

You won't have the luxury if things continue lie this.

By the way. I am in no way against gay marriage, or being gay. I just see the mainstream medias agenda for what it is. It's not my fault you're being used.

Though to try and compare the gay marriage debate to African America PM's and their struggles? Whoa!!! The hubris! The shameless audacity! Wake the fuck up

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:56, it sounds like you're not gay, and so it seems like you don't personally understand what it means to gays to have this FINALLY happen after so many years of struggling for it.

Until people can change and learn to understand one another there will always be war and "more important" issues to deal with. This isn't a eutopian world. So if we don't deal with equality for gays and the right for us to marry until all other "more important" issues are dealt with, it will NEVER happen.