Monday, July 15, 2013

Stop making sense

The world can seem so mean sometimes. A teenager carrying Skittles can get killed by grown man carrying a gun and it gets called justice. A legislature in Texas can ban bringing tampons into a discussion about women’s reproductive health and then vote to close all but 5 abortion clinics in a state of 26 million people. And a young man who by all accounts was unfailing nice and unquestionably talented can die at the age of 31 alone in a hotel room.

While over the years I have had extreme disagreements with the character of Finn Hudson on “Glee,” I never had any reservations about the character of Cory Monteith the person. Those who knew him and worked with him all agree he was a kind and conscientious person who was good to fans and friends alike. So news of his passing Saturday in a Vancouver hotel was shocking. So much potential, gone just like that. His struggles with addiction were well known, but he had been publically fighting the good fight this year.

For a silly show about singing and dancing teenagers, “Glee” at its best manages to transcend and touch on something universal in our hearts. What attracted me to it from the beginning was its ability to open itself up to joy – and pain, and ultimately, understanding. You may not be a 16-year-old gay boy who gets thrown in the dumpster, but now you might know how one feels. You may not be a closeted lesbian cheerleader in love with her best friend, but now you might know how one feels. You may not be a former high school quarterback who worries his glory days were left on the field, but now you might know how one feels. (Though, I still don’t understand how he was allowed to coach Glee during school hours without a fucking teaching credential. But that, like everything else, is on the writers.)

Of all the lessons that “Glee” has tried to teach us in its four years, this may be its cruelest. Life can be short and the world can be mean. Some days it’s hard to keep believing.


k8 said...

never thought the death of a glee cast member would affect me so deeply..they all seem so pure and sweet.. and even that he said he had problems all seemed behind..he looked happy and healthy with Lea in his arms...lovely guy !! never ever have I seen so many celebrities saying nice words about anyone.its sad ! its sad when autopsy is awaited...maybe it was an after effect of years of abusing his body...I pray for the ones close to him...

Anonymous said...

Much like you I was not a fan of Finn, or Finchel. But I never had a problem with Cory and thought he was a lovely sweet guy who was fighting his demons. I feel so sad for the rest of the cast, especially Lea, and his family and friends. I don't really know how Glee can continue without him in many ways, and dread how it could handle this.

I feel like we all need to remember Dumbledores quote about happiness can always be found in the darkest of times, if we only remember o turn on the light....or something like that.

hachiemachie said...

I, too am finding myself more upset about this than I would have expected. I don't know if it was due to the overall crappiness of current events or because I ended up in an interweb argument with a virtual stranger (why do I do that to myself?) who claimed not to have sympathy for someone who possibly died of a drug overdose, the smug dismissiveness of which I find absolutely infuriating. Either way I spent a lot of time in my head these past few days and that always leads to Feelings, and no matter how he died, it's a damned shame. His family and friends are surely devastated. The Glee cast & crew are clearly close-knit. I genuinely feel for them. Now excuse me, I need to go listen to the ridiculous number of Glee songs that currently reside on my iPod...and maybe tear up a wee bit.

Katie said...

Like the others that have posted, I have found myself genuinely and quite deeply affected by Cory's sudden death.
I have not been a fan of Finn in general for a few years now and frankly the 'Finchel' relationship has made me roll my eyes and worse, but I always felt a sort of detached affection for Cory. In behind the scenes video's and official interviews he seemed a genuine guy, funny and thoughtful, intelligent and kind.
My heart aches for his family and friends. I can't even begin to fathom what the cast and crew must be feeling, especially poor lovely Lea. I just hope they have each other as support in this awful time.
I found myself tearing up at 'Don't Stop Believing' Regional's version and sobbing like a baby at Homeward Bound/Home. But I had a smile and sang along loudly and proudly with 'Jessie's Girl'. Music is a great way to cope and deal with emotions... and that man left a legacy of great music behind him.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you'd have something reassuring today and you did. Thanks again for being manage to capture the heartbreak of Cory's death. I'm absolutely crushed by it and have honestly felt slightly depressed since news broke. I can't speculate about exactly what his situation was but fighting our individual demons I can definitely relate to and the ever-present darkness threatening can feel impossible to overcome in the bad times. God speed Cory.

The Martin verdict is awful in its own right. The adage about two steps forward comes to mind because with as many strides as we can make (gay marriage, obama president) I feel like we are dragged backwards by this outcome. Maybe and hopefully its part of our steps towards a better tomorrow but in the present its difficult not to be fearful and resent others with what this young boys' murder represents.

Anonymous said...

Its sad but here's the truth. People noticed that he wasnt healthy, they noticed that he still looked off and way to skinny for someone who got out of rehab. But those people got called haters and been told to kill themselves because people (fans, stans) chose to believe the media who glossed over the issue instead of helping him. I hate finchel and Finn and I am not a fan of Cory, it may seem cruel but not even his death will change that, however I am sad that he's gone. He wasnt that bad of a person.

If he did overdose on drugs then I cant really sympathize with him because it was his fault in the end.

Anonymous said...

Except addiction is illness and you don't blame people for dying from cancer...I really hope you don't anyways.

The internet has the power to be many things as it is populated with us humans and while I guess I'm glad to see humanity in all its stripes represented in this medium I do wish sometimes, like for the entire race, that we could all be compassionate and kinder about people's struggles in the world and when they lose their battles to honour that piece you recognize because you too have had your battles. Maybe the comments come from people who've never battled anything, I'd certainly rather believe that over a whole bunch of folks walking around with zero ability to relate or understand with compassion.