Thursday, July 18, 2013

Send in the Clones

Yesterday I said I’d cut a bitch’s tail off if Tatiana Maslany didn’t get at very least one Emmy nomination (multiple would be better – she does play seven different characters as well as assorted mutations of characters pretending to be other characters). Seeing as there are no human tails available for me to lop off today, all I will say is, THINK ABOUT YOUR LIFE, THINK ABOUT YOUR CHOICES, ACADEMY OF TELEVISION ARTS & SCIENCES VOTERS. Tatiana gives them clones, they prove themselves to be clowns. I’m sorry, I’m going to need a bowl or red Jell-O and all the sugar packets in the world to self soothe. Seriously, nothing? It almost feels like we’re in the middle of some kind of international conspiracy masterminded by a shadowy underground organization intent on manipulating human development for its own selfish gain. That or, you know, the Emmys suck.

p.s. I am also mad about the continued “Parks & Rec” snub. So there.


Tenofive said...

Academy FAILS!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how someone who can play 3 separate characters in a shot so well that I think they could be being layed by triplet actresses didn't get a nomination. It's a damn shame.

However I was glad for the nomination of Kerry Washington.

Anonymous said...

while you should trust no one, its def the second thing: THE EMMYS SUCK!!!

Amanda Morrell said...

I hope Tatiana crashes the red carpet anyways.

I also love that Lena is up against Amy and Tina again this year.

And please please someone give Jane Krakowski that Emmy.

And Jessica Lange.

Sarah T said...

Don't forget Sarah as Alison playing host at the party with Alison's husband locked up downstairs.

Team Serrins Springfield said...

Also Rachel. Another one.