Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tweets from Hillary

Sassy. It’s such a great word (and a great, but sadly extinct magazine, RIP). And a word that almost never gets applied to straight men, much to their own detriment. Because sassy people (straight women, gay women, gay men, et al) are kind of the best. That cheeky boldness that indicates an understanding that it’s all ridiculous anyway so why not enjoy it.

Hillary Clinton is sassy. This is, I believe, one of the very few female-identified adjectives without pejorative overtones. She has personality and smarts, but is willing to take the piss out of herself and others. She is, in short, sassy.

And if you ever needed definitive proof that Hil owns her sassiness, look only to her newly established Twitter account, @HillaryClinton.

“Wife, mom, lawyer, women & kids advocate, FLOAR, FLOTUS, US Senator, SecState, author, dog owner, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, glass ceiling cracker, TBD...”

Also, she used the famous Texts from Hillary photo for her Twitter avatar. And her very first tweet was a shout-out to the Texts from Hillary creators. Hilz is good at Internet, no?

This light-hearted approach to her official Twitter persona took (let’s say it, male) reporters by surprise. Women being funny? Powerful women being funny? Powerful women the media narrative have told us are shrill harpies being funny? Up is down, black is white. WHAT IS THIS MADDNESS?

Oh, shut the fuck up. Those of us who have actually been paying attention to the actual woman have known, for years/decades/forever that Hillary is one funny lady. And, if I may broadly generalize, I have found that female politicians tend to be much funnier and self-deprecating bunch than their male counterparts. Perhaps it is a defense mechanism to coping with such a tiresome boys club. Or perhaps it is because men just won’t tolerate a woman with as big an ego and as thin a skin as they themselves have. Who knows.

All I know if you didn’t already love this hair icon, pantsuit aficionado and glass ceiling cracker, you certainly should now. Bring us your tweets, Hillary. You sassy lady, you.


Shannon said...

Bravo, well said!

All I have to say on todays subject matter is #Hillary2016

Feminista Cabreada/ Pissed-Off Feminist said...

Too bad that she has to describe herself as "mom and wife" first...

Erica said...


Also, best Twitter response to (male) journalists bafflement:
Sherrie Hussein GG ‏@SherrieGG 22h
@DavidKenner @acarvin @HillaryClinton How could you NOT know how funny she is?

Anonymous said...

Hillary, ignore the bulls%$t, about running in 2016, the DNC will just throw you under the bus again.

You have spent your whole life working for this country. Time for you...

Amanda Morrell said...

I love her so so much. In order of famous women who I'd like to be my aunt that takes me out to tea:

Meryl Streep
Hillary Clinton

end of list.

Erin O'Riordan said...

Go Ms. Rodham Clinton!

There's nothing wrong with being a wife and mother first. It's a choice all humans should be able to make or not make at their own discretion. Care about your spouse & fam more than anything? Great! Ambitious career person first? Great too! Shouldn't even be an issue.

Now, if only all the humans had the right to choose to be a wife's wife or a husband's husband...

egghead said...


Anonymous said...

"Perhaps it is a defense mechanism to coping with such a tiresome boys club. Or perhaps it is because men just won’t tolerate a woman with as big an ego and as thin a skin as they themselves have."

In other words; she's never going get an invite to Bohemian Grove this side of the apocalypse, so she's going to vent her frustrations being 'sassy' on Twitter instead?

Thing is, what moral woman would want an invite to ruddy Bohemian Grove anyway...?

Exactly! And therein lies the rub: she may well be 'sassy' (I say it's in the eye of the beholder!) but the woman is also an immoral, warmongering mega bitch!