Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tank Top Tuesday

Oh, tank tops – I’ve missed you so. So, as you might have noticed, it’s been a little while since our last unrestricted Tank Top Tuesday. So let’s just go for it. Like jump right in. Like, boom, say hello to Kerry Washington and her tank top. Yeah, just like that. Sometimes I forget I don’t have to write as many of these word things to make a good post. But then I remember. You’re welcome.

Anna Silk
Production has started on Season 4. Come back, “Lost Girl,” I’ve missed
Boobs O’Clock all the exciting succubus drama.

Anna Torv
It’s an Annas we miss convention.

Anne Hathaway
Annes, too.

Grace Park
What’s she doing now that she left “Hawaii 5-O?” I hope it’s a show I’ll actually watch.

Scarlett Johansson
She is the main reason I’m going to see the next Captain America movie (besides Chris Evans’ tight little tushy – what, I’m only human).

Angelina Jolie
I find it rather strange and unseemly (cough, Melissa Etheridge, cough) to publically criticize another woman’s personal health choices. Whatever decision a woman makes for herself with fully informed consent is not, in my opinion, “fearful.”

Brandi Carlile
I just got tickets to see Brandi this summer. Excuse me while I go have a Big Gay Squee moment.


kasadilla11 said...

Ooh have fun at the Brandi Carlile concert, Ms. Snarker! She and her band put on a fantastic show!

Anonymous said...

ditto on missy e, i was not happy to read about that:(

also did you check out how Scarlett is calling press on their bs sexist questions?? cuz its making me love her a lot!

Anonymous said...

Angelina looks more sexy in that white tank tops.