Friday, June 14, 2013

My Weekend Crush

I like “True Blood” because after the regular fall TV and serious spring offerings (Can we cool it on the beheadings and castrations, “Game of Thrones?”), I’m ready for some straight-up vampire craziness to lull me into the blissful embrace of summer. And this season, more than any other, has me really excited. Why? Because Pam and Tara, dammit.

Pam has long been one of my favorites and one of the more underutilized characters on the show. Unlike Sookie, I’ve always got time for her lesbian weirdness. And while Tara has occasionally annoyed the ever-loving shit out of me, she has been one of the most resilient characters on the show. I mean if you can come back from a shotgun to the head, you’re pretty much badass for life.

So when the two got together at the very end of last season, maker and her sire, it was cathartic. And we, like Jessica, all pointed at the screen and yelled, “I KNEW IT!” Yeah, we knew it. And we love it. Let us dream the impossible dream of a happy ending for these two. Or at the very least there had better be a lot more lesbian weirdness between them coming up this season. Happy weekend, all.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Jessica's "I KNEW IT!” Was glorious
And if not for Pam and Tara I would have left that show last season after that whole Authority, Lilith and Iraqi Fire Monster thing

Washington Personal Injury Lawyer said...

I love tara but I dont really like what the show is doing to her, it's like they just say "well, what HAVEN'T we done to Tara yet? Oh yeah make her a lesbian" it's like they arent putting enough thought into her like they use to. They never answered a lot of questions they raised about Tara in the first and second season, like why she was so angry, did the exorcism really bring something out in her, who/what is Tara? She was so special now her story is just being forced along.

Erin O'Riordan said...

F*ck yeah Para - or Tam! This ship is what I'm looking forward to most about Season 6.

Hoot said...

The best, "I knew it!" of all time.

wallywaffles said...

Totally off topic - but i watched "the fall" on netflix this weekend, and totally recommend it. I am shipping Gillian Anderson and Archie Panjabie so hard!