Monday, June 17, 2013

Sing it, sister

I’m – as many of you know already – not really a reality TV fan (other than almost everything on HGTV and sometimes Food Network and, on one of those lazy Sunday nights, “Hoarders”). But sometimes the realities of reality TV (real enough for you, just wait, there’s more) make me realize I should probably sit up and take notice.

And the reality I’m talking about today is out contestant Michelle Chamuel, who is in the finals of “The Voice” tonight. As on of three finalists on the hit reality singing show, she is competing for the top prize. And I’d very much like her to win. Not just because she’s a gay lady (though, believe you me, it helps) but because she’s different. Of course she can sing, but there’s also delightful nerdy quality about her – and it’s not just the glasses.

Though, did I mention she can sing?

Pink, Robyn and Cyndi? Sold.

And of course she has other cool qualities:

She wears (colorful) lady jackets.

She rocks (stylish) sensible shoes.

She makes (incredibly) intense singing faces.

She understands the (extreme) ridiculousness of pleather.

All that and she could be (at least to my knowledge) the first out gay lady to win a major American singing competition. Which would be pretty damn cool. So go, Michelle, go. The finales are tonight and results will be announced Tuesday. So, I guess what I’m saying is, please go and vote for the cute, slightly dorky glasses-wearing gay lady in the colorful blazers, America.

p.s. I know there was another out lady contestant this season (hey, Karina Iglesias) and in the past. But Michelle is the only one left to vote for.


FASTTCR said...

From the first moment she walked on, I hoped what I thought was against hope, that she would get to this point. She's AMAZING. Hoping that 2nite will be her night and that she'll win this thing.

I Knew You Were Trouble -->

Somewhere Only We Know -->

She killed both songs - better than the originals.

Anonymous said...

The Country voters will be out in force for Blake's contestants so Michelle is going to need every single vote she can get. Also, one of the country voters gets 10x voting points for all her iTunes numbers, so it's even more important to vote for Michelle. You can vote 10 times for each email, facebook, or phone line.

Carmen SanDiego said...

I'll watch and vote so she doesn't become the lesbian AdamLambert
That one still hurts.

Malc said...

Thanks to you I spent the last 2 hours searching and watching Michelles The Voice performances...and no, I don't live under a rock, I'm just not from the US ;)
So thank you for introducing me to her unique voice and talent, I'm already a fan.

Anonymous said...

She's pretty damn good!! I don't watch reality nonsense, it just sorta makes sense to live it. Plus I don't believe this is reality anything.

Do like this lady. It's like watching Rachel Maddow sing.

Lets us know how it goes, even this classy lady won't make me watch.......

DJ Shiva. said...

Here's a little treat for ya! This is Michelle's band, Ella Riot. :)

They are awesome, as expected.