Thursday, June 06, 2013

Hottest of them all

Right, so each year I feel a little responsible for creating The Beast that is the AfterEllen Hot 100. It was, after all, a post about my fury over Lindsay Lohan and the Maxim Hot 100 oh so many years ago that helped to start it all. But each year, I also dutifully tell you my vote. (Sure, this year it can be votes, but I am old school and choose to vote only once like the Founding Fathers intended or whatnot.) My picks vary, there are some constants (Tina, duh), but really whatever is turning my brain and/or heart and/or other regions most on at the moment is what makes my list. And this year is no different. Seeing as today is the last day to vote in the AE poll, I thought I would show you mine. So here they are. For all to see. Now you show me yours, it only seems fair.

p.s. You can vote in the AE Hot 100 here.


Shannon said...

My top 10 this year (not necessarily in any particular order, just based on who came to mind first)

1. Tatiana Maslany
2. Lauren German
3. Kerry Washington
4. Monica Raymund
5. Sarah Rafferty
6. Zoie Palmer
7. Shay Mitchell
8. Jaime Murray
9. Troian Bellisario
10. Jessica Capshaw

egghead said...

Tatiana and Kerry, definitely. :)

Orphan Black and that whole clone thing just slays me. And Kerry's scandalous character is sooo take charge.

Anonymous said...

First time voting, just for fun and in no particular order:

1. Hannah Hart
2. Megan Rapinoe
3. Lori Lindsey
4. Sabrina Jalees
5. Gina Torres
6. Katee Sackhoff
7. Dorothy Snarker (a comment from the peanut gallery that funny is hot!)
8. Tilda Swinton
9. Lucy Lawless
10. Amanda Tapping

That's pretty much a cross section of all my interests, ahahah.

MJNuts said...

So I've been just voting for Jaime Murray and Joanne Kelly then refreshing the page, but when I bother to vote properly, it goes as follows (in no particular order except for 1 and 2):

1- Jaime Murray
2- Joanne Kelly
3- Anna Silk
4- Sasha Alexander
5- Lana Parrilla
6- Rachel Skarsten
7- A.J. Cook
8- Melanie Kogler
9- Monica Bellucci
10- Meryl Streep

Allison said...

I also only voted once. Oh well. Here are my Hot 100 - 5 staples I will never not be in love with, and 5 relative newcomers who have only recently caught my eye!

1. Lauren Graham (First Lady of my heart, forever and for always)
2. Julia Roberts
3. Jennifer Beals
4. Kiera Knightley
5. Lena Headey
6. Naya Rivera
7. Troian Bellisario
8. Zoie Palmer
9. Megan Rapinoe
10. Tatiana Maslany

Unknown said...



Anonymous said...

Sara Ramirez
Rachel Maddow
Jessica Capshaw
Audra McDonald
Kate Walsh
Barbra Streisand
Meryl Streep
Christine Lahti
Shonda Rhimes

Anonymous said...

-Marion Cotillard
-Michelle Dockery
-Jessica Chastain
-Kate Beckinsale
-Elena Anaya
-Jill Flint
-Anna Torv
-Ana de la Reguera
-Zoie Palmer
-Anna Silk

Dylena said...

01. Lana Parrilla
02. Jaime Murray
03. Joanne Kelly
04. Lucy Lawless
05. Sasha Alexander
06. Paget Brewster
07. Alexandra Hedison
08. Rachel Shelley
09. Zoie Palmer
10. Lucy Scherer

Anonymous said...

I know this is strange but; I Just don't give a shit who you think is hot or see any need to compare who I like with who you like -- what?? are we all 12??