Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Do us part

I try not to follow celebrity hook-ups, breakups and breakdowns. I mean, sure, I sometimes see the screaming supermarket tabloids while trying to fight the urge to sneak a Twix bar onto the conveyor belt. But every now and then a celebrity breakup creeps into my consciousness and makes me say, “Aw, dammit.”

And earlier this week that breakup was Jane Lynch and Lara Embry announcing their divorce after three years of marriage. Say it with me, “Aw, dammit.” After three years of marriage, the women are separating and it bums me out. Because they seemed so very happy and so very happy together. And they were so sweet family with Lara’s daughter. But alas, not all things are forever.

This is both sad news and also sadly reassuring news. The sad part is obvious, because we all want to believe in the happily ever after. The sadly reassuring part is that gay couples are like any other couple – sometimes their relationships work and sometimes they don’t work. And it’s another reminder why legal marriage is important – not just for the benefits is confers with a commitment, but the clarity it establishes with the end of a commitment. The rights and responsibilities go both ways, and it is important for the law to recognize that as well.

I wish Jane and Lara well during what must be a difficult time. I hope it is as amicable as these things can be. I hope both can find lasting happiness. And in other news, Jane Lynch is single, ladies. Too soon? Yeah, probably too soon.


tlsintx said...

too soon, but I'm there.

egghead said...

Meee too. I'm here for ya Janie!!

She was on the Tony's broadcast the other evening looking and singing like a tall drink of water in Annie!!!!