Thursday, April 11, 2013

Where does the Glee go

Tonight’s “Glee” is, well, different. It’s quite something actually. Without giving away any spoilers, it’s strangely classic “Glee.” Not in its subject matter – which is very un Gleeful – but its overall quality. At times the episode shines with a visceral humanness that makes it impossible to not feel real big feelings. And at others it’s that same silly ADD show that uses song and dance to sell us valuable life lessons tied up with a very special episode bow. “Shooting Star” is messy, harrowing, audacious, oh-so topical. And when you’re in the thick of it does it ever work. Because sometimes real life does come crashing down on our daily frivolities to remind us just how delicate our place on this big blue marble in the sky really is. Or maybe I’m just happy that it’s an episode entirely without Finn.

But enough with the heavy. How about something adorable instead? Have you seen this Glee-inspired lesbian marriage proposal? Well, you should.

Just you wait, the Cheerio-style lesbian marriage proposal is next.

UPDATE: Now that the episode has aired, I wanted to add this and why I thought the episode ultimately worked. Interestingly, I think the show’s weaknesses (its occasional ADD, frivolity and silliness) made the school shooting scenario that much more powerful. If this was a dramatic show hell-bent on realism, something like this wouldn’t be as shocking. But on a show like Glee where immaculately coiffed and costumed teens sing and dance in elaborate productions thrown together over lunch period, no one expects reality to come crashing down in such an intense way. Which is kind of like what happens in real school shootings. Something horrible invades mundane life out of nowhere and everything stops, if only for a moment. And then, of course, it is back to the ridiculous. Because, you know, it’s Glee.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I think that's called "manipulative". It's hard to imagine this being worthwhile when it's exploiting the very real and recent tragedies of others in order to boost sagging ratings. It may be emotional, but it smacks of the worst kind of opportunism. Not to mention continuing to kick the nads out of a young and already-down fandom.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD SO MUCH ROMANCE!!! All I have to say is that was adorable and I looooves me the romance:) Someday I hope to do something just as romantic for my beautiful and talented gf.

FASTTCR said...

The Rainbow Connection part nearly brought tears to my eyes. How special was that!

Anonymous said...

this episode was truly underwhelming. it lacked any real emotional punch, maybe because the characters have been so unlikeable for so long. also, the brittany and sam stuff reeked of brittana revenge exacted upon precisely by a mr. hodgson. low blows all around.

lisa said...

Not surprisingly, I agree with most all that you've said, Dorothy.
I was surprised that I hadn't seen any advertisements for this episode, and thought, "wow, maybe RM isn't as bad as I thought; he didn't exploit this episode for ratings." But then I read this:
Not offering a warning to parents BEFORE airing this episode was negligent and heartless at best.