Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A Rizzoli by any other name

They’re not exactly, but getting closer, and now we finally have a date for being back! The Gayzzoli returns June 18, in eleven weeks from today, and with it will no doubt come more TGTGT, eye sex and subtext than you can shake a stick at. I’ve always been unabashedly into “Rizzoli & Isles” for the chemistry, and not necessarily the incisive crime solving, such that it is. Ahem. So another season for me is another change to sit back and enjoy the delightful shorthand that Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander have developed together on screen. Now that even Santana Lopez has endorsed the lesbian subtext, it’s safe to say this show could be in almost any format and we’d watch. Well, at least I would.

So with that, please enjoy these “Rizzoli & Isles” alternate universe opening credits. I’d set my DVR for all of these shows. Seriously.

The R & I Words

LLBFF Friends

Rizzoli Warrior Princess

Now if only someone would make an “X-Files” version. The Gayzzoli is out there.


Betty said...

Those were freakin' awesome! And I whole heartedly support a request for a X-files version!


Anonymous said...

Good God!!! I'd forgotten just how dreadful that 'L Word' theme was!

Thanks ever so much for reminding me Snarks darling.


Anonymous said...

When R&I first started, I was totally in love with it - made everyone around me watch it. But over this last hiatus I started watching Xena for the first time since junior high and it's killed my love for R&I. Xena was made fifteen years ago and they were so much more brave about subtext (the leads each have a 1-2 ep arc with a guy in the first couple of seasons and then never get involved with a guy again, outside of using sex appeal to win battles, escape prison etc). So now I feel like R&I got to the point where it's dishonest to the characters to have these extended storylines (with, say, Casey) that are completely devoid of chemistry. I don't think R&I would be overtly depicted as a couple in a million years simply because the people involved don't want to go there. Maybe I'm losing interest because there hasn't been a "mainstream" show with two queer ladies in the leading roles since Xena... a show that ended before Lawrence v. Texas happened, before MA had marriage equality, when there were almost no non discrimination policies in the US. It makes me kind of sad that R&I doesn't consider going there a viable option for the future of the show. When people compare Xena and R&I I feel like it's an insult to Xena. So, I guess the point is that I'm bored with them and their half-assed attempts to tell the audience that any guy (even a whiny, boring guy like Casey) is a better choice for the characters. But, you know, Frostie for life.

Florence said...

The L word version of Rizzoli and Isles is amazing. I totally wanna watch that show (and I don't even watch Rizzoli and Isles).

Big Shamu said...

I can't believe you busted out the L-Word Theme. Poor Betty, I hope they got paid well for it.

Anonymous said...

thanks especially for these AU vids! I personally just don't have the time to go through all of youtube for that...♥

Spellbound said...

Did anyone ever make an X-Files version?