Monday, April 22, 2013

Amy does it

In times of emotional stress and communal reflection, I don’t often suggest you turn to celebrities. Nothing beats a good snuggle with your new kitty or own personal Comfort Dog. Hug that someone oh so special oh so tight. But today I recommend you enjoy the generous embrace of one outstanding human being and fierce funny lady Amy Poehler. This past week took a toll on a lot of us, inundated with media and mob reports on would-be, could-be, oops totally wrong coverage of real, live tragic events that unfolded like a real-life crime drama before our eyes. I raised a glass (maybe a couple) to the law enforcement and rest of the helpers for ending it with such professionalism. As a news junkie, I couldn’t help but watch every second. As a human being, I think it’s always best to soften one’s heart in times like these. These aren’t the Tragedy Olympics. No one wins for suffering. Let’s have an incredible week, world.

p.s. If you want to love Amy even more, here are a few more of her short, smart advice videos (shot admirably low-tech and sans makeup) from her Smart Girls at the Party young women’s empowerment series.

On Negativity

On Goodbyes

On Sleep

p.p.s. Then there’s this perfect piece of advice which is, well, perfect: “Girls, if boys say something that’s not funny, you don’t have to laugh.”

p.p.s. Though, when warranted, you are perfectly welcome to laugh your lashes off AT boys. Watch the whole thing, trust me.

Nothing feels better than starting off your Monday with a hearty laugh at the expense of a world renowned sex idiot. America, fuck yeah.


Anonymous said...

I constantly have people ask me did you see blah,blah, on and on. The answer is no. As soon as one of these horrific stories breaks I get the relevant facts and then I turn the fking TV off.

I never watch network news, I stopped going to huffington, don't listen to the radio at all or read the news paper.

The weird thing is, I'm just as informed without all the fking shock and awe.

I sleep at night and don't need anti-depressants.

The news is a business, they play the same stuff over and over and over, repeat the same crap over and over.

Our brains and nervous systems are not made to with stand this crazy day after day.

Do yourself a favor - tune out. It's nothing more then self torture. Believe me you'll be a whole lot happier..

stucl said...

no one ever really leaves and nothing lasts forever

best quote