Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One Lost Time

Season finale says what? No, seriously, what the fuck is happening and how will it all end? Mad scientists! Speciesist leaders! Human terrorists! Crazy mamas! And we haven’t even begun to discuss the Big Lesbian Feelings that were brought up by Tamsin slipping into Bo’s bath and Lauren realizing she’s unwittingly poisoned her (maybe) ex’s ex. Damn, “Lost Girl” – you so crazy. And you haven’t even seen the Canadian preview yet. It’s even more nutty/nail-bitey/lady-fighty.

I don’t know about you, but I think this season has been pretty darn cohesive and pretty freaking exciting. Sure there was the bait-and-switch anti-climax of the Yawning Dawning. But now things are getting, well, good. Sure, it’s a bit of a kitchen sink hodge podge of plot points. Dr. Taft’s megalomania. The Morrigan’s species supremacy. Humans declared terrorists. Bo on the verge of being imprisoned. Tamsin wounded and unconscious. Lauren and Dyson encased in glass. And, oh yeah, Aife is back. p.s. I had to totally look up the actress to make sure the Aife we saw this week was the same Aife we saw in the first season. And, yes, it’s the same actress, Inga Cadranel. She just looks wayyyy different without her makeup.) And we haven’t even started on the whole Wanderer/probably Bo’s dad/the fire-breathing Pegasus thing.

The good news, “Lost Girl” has a whole fourth season to get into/wrap up any loose ends. The bad news, we’ll have to wait all damn summer and fall until we get to see that happen next.

My three biggest hopes for the finale and next season:

1. That Lauren does not go evil. We need more of this in the fourth season.

2. That Tamsin does not die. We need more of this girl in the fourth season.

3. That Vex returns. We need more of this dynamic duo in the fourth season.

As excited as I am to see how this whole crazy enchilada plays out, I’m also sad it’s almost over for another season. But don’t worry, we’ll always have the video of Anna Silk as the world’s most emotionally unstable flight attendant to tide us over. Now that is what I call a tension breaker.

p.s. If you need to catch up, you can read the recap of this week’s episode on AfterEllen.

p.p.S. Despite Syfy’s attempt to ruin my life and delay the airing of the finale until a week after Showcase, I will be posting the recap next Tuesday. So those who want to remain spoiler free until it airs in the U.S. just bookmark it and come back in seven days.

UPDATE: OMG, Lost Girl totally listened and answer my No. 3 request! Thanks, Aussie promo for spilling the beans!


Ashley F. said...

A) Thank you for clarifying the Aoife actress - I went back and watched season 1 to see if it was the same one and I couldn't tell.

B) Why is SyFy ruining our lives by holding the finale hostage an extra week? If this is because of that damn "Defiance" show premiere it better be daaaang good.

C) So many feels to wrap up - so happy then have a 4th season to torment us with. :)

Sally said...

YES. I was like "that is totally not the Aoife from before, what new plot point is this?" I never thought to look it up on IMDB or anything. Brilliant.

How does a girl in the Bay Area get to watch the season finale before the rest of the USA when she's not in Canada, Ms. Snarks??? Is it because you're a high-powered influential media blogger kingpin maven with sway and influence? What on earth will I do knowing there is a recap out there that I must avoid, plus twitter and, and everything else??? I can resist anything but temptation.

Anonymous said...

Lol! OMG I forgot she did that commercial. Too funny.

JW said...

oh dear god that ad is laughing-like-a-hyena funny! where/however did you uncover it and how long ago was it?

Anonymous said...

The commercial was a few years ran on our TV for along time....( Canadian) because she was so funny..and so wonder how those flight attendants are so nice all the, you wonder if one would EVER just lose it for once ...LOL! She was great !

Anonymous said...

I think the Aussie Lost Girl promo should help with at least one of your three points:

Anonymous said...

Lauren won't go evil, but Zoie has a new movie where she certainly appears tempted, and bloody.

Anonymous said...

I know people were having trouble recognizing her but Inga Cadranel's name was in the credits for episodes 3.09 and 3.12 when they aired so no mystery really.

I share your number 1 and 3 wishes. I'm not a fan of anyone that comes between doccubus lovin' with their lies be it man or woman.

Sally said...

Here's another question - why is SyFy showing LG S4 in 2014??? Is it possible to get them to reconsider and move it up? I've sent them a couple of tweets, but shockingly, they don't seem to be having much impact on their TV schedule.