Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tank Top Tuesday: Lost Girl Edition

Lost Girl is over for the season. Long live Lost Girl. For a thorough and comprehensive recap of the finale (which many of you oh-so-patient U.S. viewers finally got to watch last night), check out my episode recap on AfterEllen here.

There’s so much we’ll miss over these long, long, too long, months between the show’s return (late 2013 for Canada, early 2014 for the US – sigh). Bo’s blue and brown eyes. Lauren’s sly downcast smirk. Tamsin’s constant “bitch, please” face. Every single Kenzism. The Boobs O’Clock. So as a grateful shout-out to the Lost Girl costume department for never letting us girls (or those girls) down, an ode to the tank tops of Season 4. Like a snowflake, each one is special in her own way. I’ll refrain from making a joke about catching them on your tongue. Ahem.

Bo’s Greatest Tanks

Tamsin’s Greatest Tanks

Lauren’s Greatest Not-Quite Tanks
(Can you believe Lauren didn’t really wear any tanks? Close enough.)

Kenzi’s Greatest Trucker Tank

Bonus Kitsune Tanks

Because, you know, why not?


Roz Turner said...

So much win here. Just...wow.

Anonymous said...

You just keep on giving Ms. Snarker. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, Lauren in a bedsheet.

(Or for that matter, Lauren out of a bedsheet.)

Either or, Good lord, those arms!

Casey said...

Lauren may not have worn any tanks, but I'll just bet you had fun looking!

Anna said...

Can we do this every week until Lost Girl returns, please?! I think we have enough material from three seasons :D

Anonymous said...

Boobs AND arms? :D

MJNuts said...

Dear Lord, Bo's boobs are a signal of the goodness in the universe... I can't even.

Anonymous said...

Got to love Lauren's frequent heavenward glances. She's all "Lord help me - what's a poor succubus-lovin' science nerdbian to do?"