Monday, April 29, 2013

Do the Swinton

Joy is such an underused emotion. We say we strive for it, but often rebuff its effervescent advances in favor of angst, anger, anxiety, ambition. When we do let it in, it is often unexpected. But it is in that act of being caught off guard, letting down our guard, giving in to joy that makes it so wonderful. I say find your joy wherever you can. And if that joy is the otherworldly presence of all 5-foot-11 of English actress Tilda Swinton dancing with abandon through a theater of 1,500 people to the strains of Barry White’s “You're the First, the Last, My Everything,” then so be it.

What makes this moment so very lovely is the pure joy it brought to the 15th annual EbertFest. It is indeed almost a “spiritual service,” because the event just a couple of weeks after the death of its founder and namesake Roger Ebert. On stage with Tilda is Roger’s wife, Chaz. The impromptu boogie is not only full-body tribute to a great man and film critic, but a celebration of the joy film can bring us. It has made me smile each time I’ve watched, which is going on four and counting. Spread joy wherever, whenever you can. Happy Monday, kittens.

p.s. In other news, I’m pretty sure we can not officially confirm that Tilda is an alien sent from another universe to remind us of the strange beauty of our tiny human lives. From her latest W magazine shoot.

NOTE: I have addressed my serious and complex feelings about all of the actors, directors and the like who have supported Roman Polanski at great length and depth in the past. You can read them here and here and here and here and here. I do not take this issue lightly, nor have I ever shied away from criticizing those who signed the petition in support of him and against his extradition. Sexual assault has never been trivialized on my site and I believe his crime was despicable and deserves punishment. I believe he should serve his jail time. I also believe the art is not the artist, nor does the art absolve the artist. Having written this blog for seven years now, there are certain assumptions I make of readers and our history together. Those who have known and read me for a over the years know that I in fact do not have a short memory on this topic, but a long and complex one.


Carmen SanDiego said...

If I could have lunch with any celebrity I would choose Tilda.
She is without a doubt one of the most interesting women in the world...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's very nice to be able to admit one has been wrong. Very wrong.

I think I was wrong about The Swinton (I blame those awful (not to mention creepy!) 'arty-farty' pictures she consents to) and you Snarks darling, were right! So bloody right!

Not right about everything though!

'All 5-foot-11 of *English* actress'

I am terribly sorry darling, but I must protest. Vehemently!

The Swinton:

'I'm a lucky *Scot*. I was brought up away from Scotland and was only ever here, once a year, in holiday capacity.

'So for me, choosing to live in Scotland is a choice for the perennial vacation.'

'Perennial vacation'?!!! Tilda darling, you are as batty as a box of particularly exuberant frogs! However, that serves only to increase the unfettered joy and love we (your *fellow countrywomen*) harbour for you!

More details on the noble Swinton Anglo-Scots line are available here for you to peruse at your leisure:


PS The Swinton doing her bit to re-energise the flagging Scottish couture industry.

Darlings, how dare you! I'll have you know that long before the likes of ruddy Milan, Scottish couture led not only on the fairways but the highways, byways and the sophisticated literary salons in all four corners of the globe! The noble paisley patterned scarf! Stylish Argyle and Fair Isle patterned sweaters! The jaunty Jimmy Hat!!!

Anonymous said...

PPS And the glorious tweed!!! How the hell could I forget the TWEED?!!!


Anonymous said...

Good Lord!


Seldom have I witnessed anyone revelling in their Scottishness with such glorious lack of restraint, such joy! (The Tartan Army after a right good thrashing of the Auld Enemy not withstanding of course.)

Erin said...

You continue to swoon all over her while never once bringing up that apparently she thinks raping 13 year old girls is excusable if you're a "great artist". I'm losing some respect for you Dorothy. The very least you could do is acknowledge it and that she isn't perfect.

I have LOTS of people I respect and admire, but I also have the strength of my convictions and if one of them did something unacceptable I would ADMIT IT and lose that respect.

I was sexually abused as a child and your and other peoples short memories about this is incredibly painful.

tlsintx said...

She is extraordinary.

Erin said...

I appreciated your addendum Dorothy and reading your past comments I understand your thinking to a much better degree.

The only issue I would raise is that this hasn't ended and never will for some people, people like me, but mainstream society is so ready and willing to sweep unpleasant things about actors they admire under the rug. You have written your thoughts in the past very eloquently, but I think you are ending up helping Swinton's career rehabilitation with pieces like this. So many people have forgotten and now stroke her ego and proclaim how awesome she is and they have no knowledge of anything else.

You are fine with accepting her actions and still think she's worthwhile for other reasons, but I don't personally see what they are. Who is she helping in any given day? She's just keeps being known for how weird she can be. She seems to live in a fantasy world and is never exposed to criticism from anyone.

She and everyone else who signed that should have to explain themselves.

egghead said...

Tilda Swinton = Todd Akin

Same thing really.

If she could denounce R.P. today I could forgive it.

Bleh, so much for joy.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Snarker,
Everyone has their sensitive subject, you'll never be able to please everyone, but guess what? You don't have to. Just keep writing and being amazing as you always have been and always will be. I have a ton of respect for you.

Also, to stay on topic, good lord Tilda would have easily fit into the weird movies of my childhood like Labyrinth or Legend or Dark Crystal (if she were a Tilda puppet).

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this woman. And I love that you love her too, Ms Snarker.

Comparing her to Todd Akin is beyond insane.

In every interview I've seen/read with her she comes off as nothing short of the most compassionate, intelligent, humble, witty lady/alien you could hope to meet.

Freya said...

Ooh Tilda Swoonton let me count the ways I love thee! Every time you blog about this wondrous creature I get so excited, don't ever stop.

egghead said...

Reply to the coward, anonymous:

"Comparing her to Todd Akin is beyond insane."

Oh yeah? It is "insane" ignoring the epidemic of ignoring rape.

And yeah, it's not rape/rape right?

And for the record I hold nothing against Dot; I'm glad she brought it up.

Sorry but these days, I have a visceral reaction to Whoopi Goldberg, et al, because of R.P. worship, and same goes with others who act that way. They should do the right thing like Emma Thompson did. Courage. It's a rare thing these days to step outside the box and be a leader for a cause - you could get shot or raped.

Anonymous said...

Tilda is such an inspiration to me,she's taught me the importance of not conforming to the 'norm'.

She's fearless when she chooses what roles to take,and in interviews she never shies away from showing her intelligence and revealing personal information that sometimes earns her the label weird.I find her so refreshing,she's totally different to everyone else in Hollywood and its so effortless.She has no agenda she's just being herself and doing work she believes in.

Duffi McDermott said...

I love The Swinton. And you, mamzelle. Thanks for posting this; dancing with The Swinton, and Madme Ebert, was just what I needed tonight.