Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Olympic Vacation Vixen: Elena Pirozhkova

So I’m leaving for BlogHer today. Yes, I will be in New York talking about this crazy writing on The Interwbes thing to a group of amazing women. If you’re about, come see my session “Blogging For the Love of It.” But fear not, while I’m away I will of course be posting Vacation Vixens. And, true to my word, I will continue my Olympic fever by making them Olympic Vacation Vixens.

Today, my admiration comes not from an Olympic act on the field of competition, but in the game of life. Because you’ve got to hand it to out* US Olympic wrestler Elena Pirozhkova who quite literally picked up First Lady Michelle Obama last week. That’s even better than going for the gold.

*Guess the Washington Blade jumped the gun on the whole out thing. But still, awesome.


Anonymous said...

That is probably the gayest picture from the Olympics thus far, and I'm surprised it wasn't from the footballers ;)

Full of win.

Voo said...

OMG! YES! whatta dream come true for the girl! and i love how Michelle looks so giddy, like Yeah, i'm being picked up by my Daddy!

Voo said...

Oh ms Snarker, that IS going for the gold! :D

Anonymous said...

She is not a lesbian (unfortunately lol). The site you linked said it was a confusion. There's no other source saying she is out. You should correct it too.