Thursday, August 09, 2012

SGALGG: Olympic Kiss Edition

Whenever I do a themed picture post, I inevitably always get the “BUT YOU MISSED…” comments. Which, of course, I did. There is no way for me to include every single photo when I curate my compilations. But sometimes when the source material is so good, the sheer quantity so massive, you are forced to go back to the well for another heaping helping. But today, instead of just the joy of women celebrating together, we celebrate the job of women kissing together. Because going for the gold wouldn’t be complete without victorious sweet lady kisses. Smooch on, world.

Aliya Mustafina, Russia & Gabby Douglas, US, gymnastics
Musty seemed much more into her kiss with fellow Russian teammate Victoria Komova than Gabby. The Cold War continues, I guess.

Ona Carbonell Ballestero & Andrea Fuentes Fache, Spain, synchronized swimming
Silver in synchronized swimming, gold in synchronized kissing.

Daria Iushko & Kysenia Sydorenko, Ukraine, synchronized swimming
But this kiss is the one that caused the biggest, shall we say, waves in the pool.
[Hat tip for the photo, Margaret in Boston!]

Adriana Araujo, Brazil & Saida Khassenova, Kazakhstan, lightweight boxing
Tough sport, tender moment.

Erica Matos, Brazil & Karlha Magliocco, Venezuela, flyweight boxing
Seriously, all fights should end with a kiss.

Kim Ji-yeon, South Korea & Olga Kharlan, Ukraine, sabre fencing
If you can’t steal in a kiss on the medal stand, where can you?

Britta Heidemann, Germany & Yana Shemyakina, Ukraine, epee fencing
Now that’s what I call getting your parry and thrust on.

Elisabeth Pinedo Saenz & teammate, Spain, handball
In the absence of softball, I believe handball has taken over as the gayest “ball” sport at the Olympics.

Chana Masson & Deonise Cavaleiro, Brazil, handball
I rest my case.

Juliana Silva & Larissa Franca, Brazil, beach volleyball
Women in bikinis kissing? God bless you, Olympics.

Anastasia Zueva, Russia & Elizabeth Beisel, US, swimming
Women in swimsuits kissing? Really, Olympics, you are too kind.

Misty May-Treanor/Kerri Walsh Jennings & Jennifer Kessy/April Ross, US, volleyball
Many of you complained about my lack of beach volleyball love. Trust me, I love it. I particularly love how Misty May and Kerru held hands throughout the medal ceremony and then through the entire post-match interview with Bob Costas. They didn’t even need to kiss, they were that married.


Joana Reis said...

happy to see the brazilian girls in your post

Morgan said...

The biggest tragedy in the world in my opinion is that Misty and Kerri aren't actually married.

Anonymous said...

MMT & KW held onto each other during the Today Show too....

Anonymous said...

Not at the Olympics, but Musty again:

sophiedrx said...

and what a about this one:

Emilie Gomis & Céline Dumerc of the french BasketBall Team :o)

egghead said...

All you need is love

and kisses. :)

Anonymous said...

help...give me more of everything...women are so neat in expressions of love and trust and damn it "..didn't we do,it finally...shit yea"!!!!!!..when you work that hard in team sports and is customary to thank the other opponent...after all, they pushed your little azz to the finish line...!thanks so much..but, I want more...please!

Anonymous said...

Misty May and Kerry apparently went to counseling similar to marriage counseling to help their long-time partnership. You rarely see a beach volleyball pairing last so long and experience so much success. (I think the header does not match the pairings in the photo though). And yes, handball is def gayer than field hockey. Cgrrl

Brian P said...

Most girls are straight not bisexual u slut girls are attracted to men not women