Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tank Top Tuesday: Olympics Edition Part I

Right, remember when I said I was gonna write a lot about the Olympics? Toldja. Also, a technical note. For the interest of these Olympic Games I shall be expanding the official definition of “tank top” to include “sports bras.” I hope we can all agree at this small technical point of order. And with that, please enjoy the show.

Lolo Jones, United States, hurdles
I just started following her on The Twitters. Her tweets are almost as funny as her abs are impressive.

Katie Taylor, Ireland, boxing
Is it possible to be adorable and intimidating?

Federica Pellegrini, Italy, swimming
Stretching is hot important.

Yelena Isinbayeva, Russia, pole vault
Quiet, I’m having a religious experience.

Jessica Ennis, Great Britain, track & field
Now I wish we’d never had that revolution.

Saori Yoshida, Japan, wrestling
Maybe I should watch wrestling more if it ends up like this.

Sophie Schmidt, Canada, soccer
I call her the Canadian Rapinoe.

Amélie Cazé, France, modern pentathlon
I did not realize looking like a badass was an Olympic sport.

Valerie Adams, New Zealand, shot put
Another kind of gun show.

Caster Semenya, South Africa, track & field
Gender test this..

Allyson Felix, United States, track & field
Take out the dictionary definition of “fast” and insert this picture.

Natalie Cook, Australia, beach volleyball
That’s alotta gay lady laying herself out. Ahem

The Netherlands, Field Hockey Team
Tank dresses totally count too. And four members of the team are out gay ladies. So Dutch treat, indeed.


bee said...

Check out Zara Dampney of team GB, beach volleyball and Jessica Zelinka, team Canada, you'd like her abs :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you saw that : Caster Semenya was the flag bearer for South Africa

Anonymous said...

Google image searching Federica Pellegrini is FUN! O:D

Anonymous said...

Google image searching Federica Pellegrini is FUN!! O:D

Unknown said...

Maybe I should start watching the Olympics after all..

Vesna said...

Thank you very much for this :D Sports=fun indeed :DD

Anonymous said...

Katie Taylor is an absolutely incredible athlete too.

Anonymous said...

Federica Pellegrini and Lolo Jones are gorgeous <3 and now I have become a field hockey fan lol

Anonymous said...

don't leave out Christine Sinclair....soccer Canada..she is something...and, Femke Heemskerk , swimming Nederlands....gorgeous....

Unknown said...

yup :)

Unknown said...

I'm just going to say it:


That is all. Marvellous Tank Top edition :D

Solo said...

how about bulgarian pride Ivet Lalova


Amy said...

"Is it possible to be adorable and intimidating?"

I'm sorry. Have you heard of Katie F*cking Fitch? (My God those arms though...)

Unknown said...

Am delighted our Katie made your list, she's a cutie and lets not forget that as well as being 4 time world boxing champion she also plays soccer for Ireland :D

MissMissy said...

Your "Hot Olympic Athletes" post is WAY more globally inclusive than the ridiculously US-centric "Hot Olympic Athletes" post on NBC/Yahoo.

This is about uniting the world, people. Sometimes with hotness. :)

Anonymous said...

MissMissy, spot on! The US olympics coverage on NBC is RIDICULOUS! Stuck one more day watching the mens individual finals in gymnastics, but wait... I can see only the 2 americans' performances, barely getting a bronze. What about the other athletes? The games are global NBC!

Sorry for hijacking this post, Ms. Snarker. Back to the regularly scheduled hotness... Federica Pellegrini rocks!

Anonymous said...

Sweet. Valerie Adams...kiwi TTT represent.

Anonymous said...

how did i not know katie taylor existed before now. good god.

Anonymous said...

Google Australian basketballer Liz Cambage. You will not be disappointed.