Friday, July 13, 2012

My Weekend Hero Worship

The line between artist and character is real and important. While we fans may stretch the bounds of reality sometimes in our fanaticism, it is always important to remember fact and fiction isn’t just in our heads. These people, the ones we watch and follow and adore, they’re still people. They’re not their characters.

I know this, this is true. But sometimes, just sometimes, when you get a chance to talk with the artist who played a character you watched, followed and adored, it’s easy to forget – if even just for a little while. Though it is not out of delusion of malice that I tend to blend the two, but more often sheer delight. So when I tell you I interviewed Anne of FREAKING Green Gables yesterday, I will hope you grant me the leeway to be a ridiculous fangirl and just savor the moment.

Indeed, yesterday I did get a chance to interview the one and only Megan Follows. We had a lovely 31 minutes and 45 second phone conversation. I tried not to sound like an idiot. She sounded very much like a smart, passionate and articulate artist she has distinguished herself as over the years. But in the back of my head, my 12-year-old self was screaming, “OH MY GOD, YOU’RE TALKING WITH ANNE SHIRLEY!” You will, however, be proud of me for not actually screaming that into Megan’s ear at any point during the interview. (You will also be able to read the full interview next week on AfterEllen.)

The reason for my interview was Megan’s performance in a short film premiering at OUTFEST in Los Angeles tonight. It’s called “Where Are the Dolls,” and it is as short (only 7 minutes and 37 seconds) as it is dreamy (based on an Elizabeth Bishop poem). The movie by out filmmaker Cassandra Nicolaou is a lovely little waking dream, more of a moody poem than a movie with a discernible plotline. But when it delivers, oh kittens, it delivers. Consider it 7 minutes and 37 seconds of wish fulfillment for every lesbian “Anne of Green Gables” fan who ever dreamed of her own special bosom friend. Because what it delivers Megan making out with another woman. Yeah, I know, you’re scheming ways to get to LA right now.

In my career I’ve been very fortunate to be able to interview many of the people I admire most, from activists and artists and all-around interesting folks. But now, now I can say I’ve interviewed the person who made me connive and finally convince my entire family to spend its summer vacation in Prince Edward Island so I could touch the red sand beaches that Anne with an e also touched. In fact, now that I’ve interviewed the artist formerly known as Anne Shirley (Megan) and the artist formerly known as Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter), I only need the artist formerly known as Princess Leia to complete my favorite childhood heroines hat trick. Carrie Fisher, call me. Happy weekend, all.

ETA: You can read the interview here.


Budi Bali said...

Some say to be a celebrity is a dream one want to make come true

frannie said...

Omg. I am fangirling with you and my 12yr old self is totally high fiving you! Can't wait to read the interview.

AtlAggie said...

Another inner 12-year old, reporting for ridiculous fangirl squeeing, ma'am!

Seriously, this is one of the coolest things that could happen to a person EVER. I still dream of one day making it to PEI to frolic near the Lake of Shining Waters...*sigh*. You're right on point (as ever) that, while it is important to separate artists from the characters they create, for an entire generation Megan Follows IS Anne Shirley. Which means your ability to stay coherent for a 31 minute interview is ridiculously impressive. I would have instantly melted into a puddle of fangirl goo.

Can't wait to read the interview!

;) babs said...

Anne of F***ing Green Gables - I am so proud of you, Snarker!!!

Anonymous said...

Your interview isn't out for another week?! A whole week?! Bahhhh, torture. *savours the picture*

Dorothy, how you make my mind all wobbly. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Great, there goes my productivity. *lost in thought*

Agrotera said...

WOW I am that 12 year old too.

Can't wait to read that interview.

I'm not sure what I think of the idea of a new Green Gables production. The old one was just so perfect.

Carmen SanDiego said...

That must be awesome. I'm honestly happy for you, Dorothy

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! I love the Anne of Green Gables books and films, and Megan is an exceptional actor. I soooo want to this latest piece!


Anonymous said...

Funny that you made your family go to Prince Edward Island. I've yet to succeeded in that, but I go one day. I have to!