Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Clap your hands

Dear Naya Rivera,

On behalf of all the Brittana fandom, people with the ability to feel feelings and the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU FOR THAT. Oh, Finn Hudson. You may be the hero of Ryan Murphy’s story, but you will never be the hero of ours. Also, you dance like Lurch. And that’s an insult to Lurch. Now, let’s all give Naya that hearty round of hand claps she deserves.

Ms. Snarker


Anonymous said...

I love that she said that. 4 for you naya, 4 for you.

Anonymous said...

Yah, STAY AWAY FROM FINN! That's what the writers should have been told ages ago (along with stay away from finCHEL...just ugh, so overused). I'd have hoped she would have commented more detailed about Brittana, but how could she if even the writers don't have a clue where they're going...I think it's great she still supports it, even if there isn't much Brittana-screentime which she can support.
And good choice on the seconde vid, I always get a huge smile when I watch it. It shows the perfect combination that Naya is: cute, dorky, sexy, bitchy, funny, *goes on fangirling*

azinthesun said...

Off Topic: I think we should boycott companies that aren't tolerant of all people. The CEO of Chic-Fil-A, the fast food chicken place, has admitted that they are anti-gay b/c they believe in biblical interpretation of families. If folks who don't fit the description and those who support LGBT causes, refuse to buy Chick-Fil-A, maybe they'll change their mind. Money talks.
here's the link from HuffPo:

Shazzer said...

My progression of Glee Girl Crushes has gone like this: Season 1 - Dianna Agron. Quinn was pretty evil back then, and while it disturbs me to admit it, I occasionally find evil kind of sexy.

Season 2: Heather Morris. Her moves have always been mesmorizing, but I could not take my eyes off Brittany whenever she was on screen ... which often led me to missing large chunks of the storyline. (So basically, I thought Season 2's continuity issues were my own fault.)

Season 3: All Naya, ALL THE TIME. Santana was the perfect combination of Quinn's Season 1 evil and Brittany's Season 2 sweet vulnerability. To quote H.I. McDonnough in "Raising Arizona" (one of the funniest films EVER), "I think I got the best one."

Anonymous said...

Um lol she didn't mean it in that context dumbass. She was talking about all the drama sleeping with him caused.

Jasmine said...

Excuse you anon, but Naya never specified a context, for all we know it could mean that she wants Santana to stay away from Finn because in her headcanon, he has a contagious disease.

What we DO know is that either way, Naya has some pretty strong feelings on the character of Finn Hudson, so much so that she thinks her character should stay away from him which, in any case, is a Very Good Thing.