Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sucker Princess

Oh, “Sucker Punch.” How you’re still disappointing me days later. It wasn’t just that it was bad, which it was. It’s that it had so much potential to be awesome, which it wasn’t. Girl power isn’t just a girl with a gun. Girl power is giving women the power to control their own destinies, to decide their own fates, to carve out their own places in the world. All that lovely talent and whiz-bang CGI wizardry and what you’re left with is an ugly mess that manages to be as unsexy as it is unfun. How do you make two hours of hot girls in tiny skirts kicking ass boring? Like I said, disappointing.

But you know what’s not disappointing? “Sucker Punch” and Disney Princess mash-ups. Certainly the Disney damsels too often represent their own set of gender stereotypes and problematic perpetuations. But they never wallowed as much in their unapologetic misogyny as Zack Snyder’s little porn fetish rape fantasy. Plus, their villains were way, way better. Steampunk zombies have nothing on Ursula the Sea Witch.

You don’t know how much I wish I had seen this movie instead.


K & J said...

That trailer was awesome!!!


Anonymous said...

Stop whining, sheesh what are you so upset about? You vacillate between cock worshipping and feminist/lesbianism.

Sucker Punch is a movie intended for teenage males as its target audience, not for "girls." Therefore of course the movie will be off message and fail to hit the mark. Of course there will be dragons and zombies or whatever they were.

Also you may as well cut the Straight Girls ACTING LIKE GAY GIRLS SCHTICK WHILE YOU'RE AT IT.

Your followers are already confused with their sexual identity. They do not need to think that just because two potentially heterosexual women kiss or hug fopr the camera that it's acting "Gay."

CAB said...

LMAO @Anonymous.... apparently someone got up on the wrong side of the the bed and hit the wall... hard.

BTW - I can positively state that not once has Dorothy posting pics of SGALGG caused me any confusion in regards to my sexuality. I'm very clear. I like women. I have no interest in men and their extra bits and pieces. I also really appreciate the time and effort Dorothy takes in compiling SGALGG or any of the pics of the fabulous women she posts. Why? Because they LOOK good. If it bothers you so much perhaps you should skip her blog. I'd suggest skipping the afterellen website as well ;)

Collins said...

soooo, we're back to people commenting on blogs without actually reading blogs. perhaps people shouldn't comment so forcefully and throw stinging accusations without actually knowing more than the cursory little-ittle bit about a subject.

as DS stated yesterday (on AE), that the DIRECTOR of "sucker punch" has loudly and unequivocally stated that SP is meant to be empowering for women. if DS says she finds it more offensive than empowering, sweet. her opinion. she is certainly entitled.

actually, @Anon, it sounds like you two agree about SP since she also clearly stated that the movie is obviously meant for 14 year old teenage fanboys.

perhaps it is time to step away from the trite characterizations and generalizations and find the happy. or at least calm.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, can you please point out the "cock worshipping?" Seriously, quotes or links please. Let me show you how that works...

Anonymous: "They do not need to think that just because two potentially heterosexual women kiss or hug fopr [sic] the camera that it's acting 'Gay.'"

Actually, that's precisely what it is. According to Dictionary.com, one definition of "act" is: "false show; pretense; feint." And one definition of "gay" is: "homosexual." Therefore, when two women kiss (assuming it's lips to lips, with tongue), one can in fact truthfully say that they are "acting gay." (Granted, you can quibble that they're really acting "bisexual" if you have reason to believe that the character is also attracted to men. But unless a man is also somehow part of the kissing, then that specific behavior can be described as homosexual, even if the participants are not themselves homosexual the way we normally define it.) The hugging part is a little more ambiguous; I suppose it depends on the type of hug and how the audience interprets it.

There. Now you try. Provide specific quotes and then show how Dorothy is "cock worshipping." I'm genuinely curious about this.

Rosa said...


That's at the Anon poster, obvs. Seriously, I'm laughing my fucking ass off.


Tim Rooch said...

Darn, Sucker Punch is a bad, bad movie. I was hoping to use it as a Unicorn chaser on Friday. I'll just have to watch RED. Who doesn't love Helen Mirren with a Big F***ing Gun.

Kristan said...

Awesome trailer, thanks for sharing!

Also, great post over at After Ellen.

Tim Rooch said...

Oh, Rosa,
Your laughing in Anon's face is probably just reinforcing his idea that every woman that rejected him is a lesbian. And not that the person he is trying to make a connection with is not interested in his ideals.

I love smart, strong, sexy women and 75%+ of the women Dorothy highlights I already adore, the other 25% total bonus. Keep up the good work Dorothy and as long as my fake girlfriends don't tell your fake wife what I have been up to we are good.

Advizor54 said...

I'm rejecting ANON and I'm not a lesbian, well, at least my penis isn't.

I was hoping that SP was going to be a fantastic Big Screen type movie, and it may still be, but it's always interesting to read everyone else's reviews.

And i LOVE the mashup at the end, people who come up with those clips are fantastic.

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Oh my god Anonymous, seriously? WTF? I can't believe the way Snarker is being attacked for not liking Sucker Punch, not just from you, but also on AE. She was excited about the movie beforehand so it's not like she wanted to hate it without having seen it. Cock worshipping? Really? You don't make any sense. As for the SGALGG, I like to have a chuckle and an ogle at this, which is precisely what Snarker intends. Anonymous, you take life way too seriously.

Sarah said...

Just wanted to let you know - I wanted to share this on FB, but decided not to because the text preview that came up was from Anonymous's comment...don't know why, but I thought you would like to know so you can fix it...
Also, I love your blog! It's part of my daily dose of happy, on my break from crazy busy. :)

Sinclair said...

I'll be ignoring that Anonymous comment, except to say wtf. sorry you get crap like that. how ridiculous.

okay, that wasn't really ignoring. but. moving on.

I kind of wanted to like this film—I certainly keep running into a lot of the visual shots of it on tumblr, but the trailer looked so awful. I'm so grateful for your reviews because now I know not to waste my time (and be pissed about it for a week+). thank you, I so trust your opinion and I don't think there's any need to see it.

I did like the princess mashup though, thanks :)

also, if you want to see an awesome flick, keep an eye out for Pariah—www.pariahthemovie.com—saw it last night, holy shit it is GOOD. did not disappoint. it's supposed to have a widespread release this fall but I cannot wait to tell everybody I know to see it. hope you get a chance to.

Sinclair said...

Glancing yet again at the comments, why is nobody here telling this Anonymous that they are being homophobic and sexist? "Your followers are already confused with their sexual identity."?? It is a lesbian blog, I bet very few are "confused," and if by "confused" you mean "not heterosexual," then you are probably right.

And what is this crap about being "off message and fail to hit the mark" because the movie is "intended for teenage males"? As if teenage males can't possibly appreciate good art, and instead need to be fed video games in a "little porn fetish rape fantasy." That is fucked up and degrading to young men, to be assumed that this is the kind of crap they want to consume.

So, calling a spade a spade: homophobic sexism and misogyny, not just laughable or arguable.

Anonymous said...

she's jewish why use asian face?

that's fine but don't misunderstand,

korean didn't do anything.

Anonymous said...

what's the relation of the movie and

the s.punch? somewhat, need map,

sword, and mystery?

i like the movie trailer by the way.

very interesting.

don't waiting i will come.

Anna said...


This has been floating around the interwebs for a while. Mean Girls...disney princess style.

Shasta said...

Cock worshipping? Uh, never seen it around here!
I have to admit that I enjoyed Sucker Punch on a purely shallow level. Steampunk zombies just tickle my fancy! Feminist-wise, yeah, it got a little challenging. I guess I need to accept that a Zack Snyder movie is never going to line up with my feminist sensibilities.
These Disney princess? So much happy!

And forgive me for laughing that the word verification was asking for "fistr". Oh dear... Vanity license plate anyone?

Emily said...

Someone did a sort of similar video called "Mean Disney Girls" and it's literally one of the best videos I've ever seen. Such good editing, it should win an award or something. The Sucker Punch one is good too. :) Thanks for sharing. I still want to see the actual Sucker Punch, but I think I can wait til it's on DVD.

Norma Desmond said...

I won't be seeing Sucker Punch, per your review, actually, but that video at the end makes it all worth it, somehow...

Anonymous said...

anonymous needs to stop worshipping his own angry inch long enough to realize he's on the wrong blog talking that kinda nonsensical smack.

none of what you said, anon, makes an ounce of sense. the movie was promoted as a girl power flick.

and please, idiot, show me one instance of snarker "cock worshipping" around here. wtf, you douche.

she doesn't "vacillate between cock worshipping and feminist/lesbianism" (as if feminism is inherently lesbian, i see what you did there) but keeps it strictly feminist and lesbian oriented. not a cock to be found on this blog. nope. well, besides you, dickhead.

Anonymous said...

good morning!!

are you still sleeping!!
nice day~~~ woohoo~~~

i'm actually little gloomy.

Anonymous said...

you're not Anna, i'm 99.9% sure.

that's what mean means.

Linette said...

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