Thursday, March 03, 2011

Punch drunk

You guys, I’m kind of ridiculously excited about “Sucker Punch.” It’s three weeks and a day away now and I’m practically hopping around the room in anticipation. Do I think this will be a “Citizen Kane*”-esque work of cinema to be discussed in film theory classes for generations to come? Well, no. Do I think it’s going to be a ridiculous amount of fun watching five girls flip around in tiny skirts while kicking major ass? Hell yeah. And, yes, we could get into a long conversation about why girl heroes need to be in body suits, short skirts and bitty bikinis to get seen while male heroes need only to show up in a tuxedo, T-shirt or occasionally Batsuit. But, let’s face it, that’s the world. It sucks and it’s tiring and it’s everywhere. And while I will happily rage against it any other day, today I’m going to celebrate the fact that five female leads – regardless of what they are or aren’t wearing –get to headline a big-budget action spectacular. Women just don’t get to do that all that often and definitely not in such large numbers. So, I’m taking it, tiny skirts and all. And, truth be told, I’m not entirely against tiny skirts as a concept. Ahem.

p.s. I’m also pretty damn excited about “Hanna.” And Saoirse Ronan doesn’t even have to wear a tiny skirt.

Bring it, ladies. Bring it.

*Damn, I got too carried away with the alliteration. Or was thinking of that other, less Oscar-worthy “Citizen Cane” which can be found in the backrooms of seedy video stores across the country.


Panty Buns said...

I love this! I am also addicted to the television series "Nikita" and wish that future scripts would include Nikita and Alex (Alexandra) would both discovering that they are lesbians falling in love with each other in between kicking male ass.

Anonymous said...

I'll volunteer to be the jerk who points out that the "Kane" in "Citizen Kane" is spelled with 'K' but yes I, too, am excited for Sucker Punch" mainly because it has "Carla Gugino in it and I love that girl even if she does do some really awful movies.

Fong Lim said...

Thanks for getting me all excited about Hanna!!!! Looking forward to it, but might be a longer wait then for those of you that are not in Australia.... :-(

Lenore said...

Hahaha Citizen Cane. Not exactly the same, no. Although, the skirts are "Cane-ish".

Looking forward to Hanna. That looks like an interesting film. Can't say the same about Sucker Punch though. The trailer felt like a 13 y.o. boy's dream. But you do make a good point about not having a lot of blockbusters fronted by a group of women.

Amanda said...

Haha... yes. Kane with a K.

But Cate with C. hurray


cocoro said...

sucker punch seems interesting,

is it from comics?

or just movie?

thanks for the posting!

nice~ nice dinner!

Norma Desmond said...

Sold. I'll totally go see Sucker Punch.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I start to feel guilty for enjoying action heroines in tiny skirts, I just remember Vin Diesel. Every movie he has ever been in was sold on the basis of his pecs and how they look in a tight white T-shirt. Or there's Taylor Lautner and his shirtless form. Objectification goes both ways!

Miko Montgomery said...

Do heroines come in any other color than white? Yes, I'm aware of the few exceptions; it's the RULE that rubs me the wrong way. Don't young girls of color deserve heroes that look like them? And when was the last time you ever saw a DARK exception to the rule? Like, NEVER. Hollywood has always promoted colorism.