Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Good Detective

Kalinda, Kalinda, Kalinda. She has been a naughty girl, hasn’t she? I’m not a regular “The Good Wife” watcher, this I freely admit. But I have caught it on occasion and I do try to keep up with the exploits of my favorite international woman of mystery/baseball bat wielder/sexy boot strutter, Kalinda Sharma. News came earlier this week that Kalinda may be headed for a brief flirtation with a female nurse (played by former “Women’s Murder Club” and Angie Harmon co-star Aubrey Dollar). So, then, by my informal count that would be three lady conquests on her books so far. That’s not Shane speed, but it’s not bad either.

Kalinda’s private life has been just that, private on purpose. She’s secretive to a fault and the guessing game was a bit of the fun at first. Is she, isn’t she? She controlled its release like a slow-drip coffee filter. Of course now with recent developments, it looks like information is threatening to foam out like an overactive espresso machine instead. (Yes, I realize I’m taking this coffee metaphor too far. It’s early. I need some.) Granted this current Big-shell (See what I did there? No, seriously, I need coffee) has nothing to do with her past same-sexual relations. But I do like that the series doesn’t seem to be just dropping Kalinda’s complex sexuality now that new meaty subplot has arisen. From my limited exposure, the show seems to be doing a good job portraying her bisexuality as not just something titillating to draw in ratings. Nor are her relationships props to attract male attention. Sure, she’s also using them for information, silence, whathaveyou. But she kind of uses everyone for information, silence, whathaveyou. So they’re consistent.

And, heavens, is it sexy. Archie Panjabi can wear the hell out of stiletto leather boot. She’s a mix of restraint and aggression, all carefully controlled bold moves. Yum. Whether it’s the big-time FBI lady Lana or broken-hearted ex Donna, her chemistry is pretty potent with female co-stars. And, again, by “potent” I mean “sexy as hell.”

Kalinda, Kalinda, Kalinda. How come I never get job offers that last one?

p.s. Though, here’s a tip. If you’re YouTubing for more of the lovely Ms. Panjabi kissing the ladies, don’t make my mistake and watch her full appearance in the British series “Personal Affairs.” Yes, she has an affair with a woman. But don’t get sucked into the whole story like I did last night, causing me to need coffee. Spoiler Alert: Things don’t end well. Just watch the kiss and call it a day. Trust me.
p.p.s. Did you notice the blonde with her arms crossed? Yeah, that’s our Frankie. All roads, fictitious or otherwise, really do lead to Rome. And by “Rome,” of course, I mean “lesbianism.”


Laura said...

God! I love Kalinda

K & J said...

This is one of my Favorite TV shoes and I LOVE her character!!

Kristan said...

I loved Archie in Bend It Like Beckham! I don't watch The Good Wife, but I'm glad she's in a show that's respected/doing well.

Betty said...

- All roads, fictitious or otherwise, really do lead to Rome. And by “Rome,” of course, I mean “lesbianism.”

Haha! And so true.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, DS! Thank you for continuing coverage of the lovely, sexy, ever-appealing Kalinda! She is maddeningly, obsessively elusive...and Archie Panjabi is magnetic in the role.

The Good Wife is overflowing with strong, intelligent, and seriously attractive female characters, from Kalinda to Alicia Florrick (the divine Julianna Margulies) to Diane Lockhart (the amazing Christine Baranski). They all pass the Bechdel test, too, which might be a first for a network TV.

The writers respect the story lines, the character arcs, and the audience. Simply put, the show is smart and compelling, with loads of eye/brain candy for queer ladies.

I hope that more people (especially the sought-after 18-34 yr-old demographic) start watching it!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe that is on CBS of all places!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I have just over the past two weeks really got into The Good Wife and have been watching season 2 online. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kalinda, she is so quietly intense and holds the cards so close to her chest. I LOVE IT. At the same time, I dont just love the show for one character like I find myself doing on other shows. I love that dude Carey for the Prosecution and Alisha and Dianne are fab. The dialogue is really smart. I dont like that they are pushing alisha and will gardner together tho, cos he is a bit of a tool.


Hannah said...

damn, I may have to start watching thst show..
just made the same mistake and watched the whole 'Personal affairs'-thingy.. jeez, what a load of c**p.. ( it just me or does 'frankie' look really weird with long hair?!)
anywho, should really be studying now..

France said...

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