Monday, March 14, 2011

Crop me Kate

Usually, there’s not too much one can say about a new haircut. Either it’s good or it’s bad. Either it’s “That looks terrific” or it’s “Don’t worry, darling, it’ll grow out.” But sometimes, just sometimes, a haircut can render you speechless. As in, your hair. It’s…wow. Now, there was absolutely nothing wrong with Kate Winslet’s hair before. It was all blond and lovely and long and luscious (when it wasn’t red and lovely and long and luscious – remember when it was ever so briefly a ginger?) But now, it’s all, wow. Ms. Winslet debuted her new crop in the new UK Vogue. Booking a ticket to London, flying 13 hours, finding a magazine standing, buying UK Vogue and then flying back 13 hours just so I could have my own copy would be too much, right?

Now, we could quibble about the color. I’m not really a white platinum kind of gal. But the lovely architectural shape of it and the fact that it’s ever so slightly butch (you know, compared to her old cut) makes me happy for the invention of scissors. Granted, I’m not a fan of Vogue’s continual over Photoshopping of already ridiculously beautiful women (come on, can we give these women skin tones and textures actually found in nature, please?) Also, is it just me or did the Photoshopper make her look too much like Gwen Stefani here? I’m just a girl, who looks like another girl, in the world?

Still, today I just want to talk about the hair. Now, it looks like Kate pulled back from the platinum already. She was at an event earlier this month with her regular blond back. Which, after going nearly white, seems difficult. Which now makes me confused. Was the hair coloring all Photoshop, too?

She also doesn’t seem to be styling it with quite the same, shall we say, flourish. But just knowing that she could, well, that makes all the difference. Like I was saying, wow.


Anonymous said...

The fierceness of this hairstyle reminds me of Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep's character in Devil Wears Prada). She had a hairstyle that was just as awesome. Short, fierce crop + stunning face = winning.

Urban Jointz said...

Reminds me of that girl from 'Til Tuesday. Remember that video Voices Carry?

Kathryn said...

Roarrrrr--perfect way to start the week. The last photo, even with the evocative little wrinkles from the magazine page, is my fave.

Anonymous said...

i´m speechless. Always stunning

sue said...

fyi ..i just looked on ebay for you. there are a couple of copies available there if you don't feel like making the 13 hour flight to london ;)

Ava said...

I love Kate & the haircut is fierce, but I hate how Photoshopped those Vogue pics are. It hardly looks like her, especially the last one in the white dress. She's so gorgeous, she doesn't need all that "fixing" and I think it just looks bizarre.

NorthWorst said...

I'm going to you want your own copy? I'll be happy to get one for you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree that Vogue made her look like Aimee Mann (lead singer from 'Til Tuesday). And made her look emaciated. I love Kate, all of Kate. And when they screw with her looks...well its just wrong!!! If something isn't broke, DON'T FIX IT!

Claire said...

I live in England; would be happy to get you a copy and post you it if the other offers don't work out. You can email me if you want one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry too too too airbrushed on the face. She's beautiful enough without the severe makeup and airbrushing.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the posting,

london? it takes 13 hours really?

by the way, the pics look very good,

well, i don't think normal people have

bad look than stars, you know

because stars have irregular schedule,

paparazzi, lights when they shoot film or

pics. they have more not nice environment.

my point is that, sometime, healthy normal

people look better without photoshop.

then why people look stars? cus it's their jobs.

they are there, on magazines, tv, movies, so on.

nice day!

Anonymous said...


i like your hair color.

Sparrow said...

As a hairstylist, i can tell you that the color change would be no problem, providing that her stylist knows what they're doing. ;)

And I agree -speechless. She looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Tilda Swinton is still the queen of cropped (and everything else too)

Anonymous said...

The picture is weird and fake. "Kate" and her plastic photoshop double both look dreadful.