Thursday, January 06, 2011

Slip me some Skins

You all know I loved the UK “Skins,” or – to put a finer point on it – I loved Naomi and Emily on the UK “Skins.” I loved their characters, I loved their relationship, I loved their journey. I loved it so much I just used the word “journey” and didn’t mean a trip. This is something I’m loathe to do because of its chakras and crystals connotations. Like, “Rainwater Moonbeam, tell me about your personal journey toward actualized womynhood.” No, not for me (not that there’s anything wrong with it…) But the story of Naomi and Emily was indeed a journey. And it was one I was thrilled to go on through all the sweet scooter rides and secluded skinny dips and supply room shags and sobby rooftop confessions. Gosh, now I’ve gone all nostalgic. Who wants to go on a delightful little wallow in Naomily Land with me?

Edited by Rin of Rin & Sophy of Rophy Does.
So it’s with a heaping scoop of skepticism that I approach the new US “Skins.” Not to be all, “British is better,” but – come on – British is better. I don’t think I would have lasted through “Skins” if it was all about US teens. Something about watching American kids just makes me less willing to sit through all the drugging and drunking. Like, why would I watch this when I can go to any high school down the street and see kids crash SUVs while wearing American Apparel T-shirts? Hence, skepticism. But, I’ve decided I want to give it a chance – a real chance. It comes from the same creators and the same of storytelling tradition, so I’ll go along to see if there are stories I’ll care about, like Naomily. Maybe it’ll be Sofia Black D’Elia’s teenage lesbian Tea. Maybe it will be someone else. You just never really know. With “Skins,” the sex, drugs and rock’n’roll are just the hook to entice you, it’s the journeys – yes, both literal and figurative – that really gets you truly addicted.

OK, January 17, impress me.


Anonymous said...

Naomily, sigh. I haven't seen Series 4 yet but the dvds will be here on Tuesday!

spacedog said...


You haven't seen Series 4 yet?!

Oh my god. Hold onto your heart.

Hold on tight.

Heather Anne Hogan said...

Oh, Spacedog.

Seriously, though, Anonymous: She's right.

Amanda said...

Hm...well, I've spent most of my college life despising hipsters and people that get fucked up because they're rich, so I probably won't watch. But the American lesbian character is pretty cute...


Juanita said...

Why am I craving for some Tea now? :D

Emily said...

That is without a doubt the best and my favorite Naomily video I've ever seen. <3 Truly beautiful.

I'm looking forward to Skins USA... but I'm ashamed to say I've never seen the original. I've watched loads of clips on YouTube, but never an entire full episode. This needs to be remedied, but I have no idea where to find them. :/

Anonymous said...

haha, okay~
so the real winner was kiss?

thanks for the posting,
very interesting, somewhat
this is my general curious
about English people,

you know they have like that long nose,
I mean look the length on a face, narrow and
long, but some other people have darker
hair and very short and the face impression
more like cat, I know they're all human so
don't get mad. is it the regional difference
or just different type?

Jennifer said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this post. I didn't know anything about Skins. I won't be watching the American version, but fortunately, the British version is on Watch Now on Netflix. I watched the first two episodes of series 1 last night, and I am addicted. I wouldn't have known about this show if not for your blog.

TalkingToxic said...

I had no idea that they were making a US skins, but I'm very leery now after seeing that preview because it looks almost exactly like the first season in the UK. It doesn't look like they've hardly made any effort to change it at all.

Thanks for sharing though! :)

Rae said...

Ugh I can't. I'm sorry. The original was so good...I can't let it be tainted by MTV.

I'm sure if it is really any good, you'll let us know. :D

Anonymous said...

Rainwater Moonbeam. That was too damn funny. I love that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the share. I just watched S3 and S4. I loved it all. But I have to say compared to S3, S4 was kinda, sorta shitty. No spoilers from me, by N's speech in the finale was just plain weird.