Monday, January 17, 2011

SGALGG: Gay Globes Edition

Whew, what a night. And by “what a night,” I mean I think only Tina Fey escaped without being hilariously insulted by Ricky Gervais. It was a night of super gay triumphs – “The Kids Are All Right,” “Glee.” Heck, Natalie Portman even gave Mila Kunis a special award for her “sweet lips.” All in all, it was a good night for Straight Gals Acting Like Gay Gays. It was also a good night for Straight Gals and Gay Gals Acting Like Gay Gays and plain-old Gay Gals Acting Like Gay Gays. The Globes really were gay.


Tilda Swinton & Helen MirrenThat hug makes me swoon in the deepest parts of my heart.

Tilda Swinton & Claire DanesTilda, you dog! Does Helen know?

Busy Philipps & Michelle WilliamsThey look like they were just telling each other secrets. Preferably naughty ones.

Amber Riley & Lea MicheleMerBerry?

Naya Rivera & Heather MorrisRyan Murphy, open your eyes.

Piper Perabo & Her PonytailThat’s 1,000 bonus gay girl points for Piper.

Tina Fey & Her NBC PromoShe called her friendship with Amy Poehler, “like Oprah and Gayle, only we’re not denying anything.”

Annette Bening & Julianne MooreThe way Annette is squinting and Julianne is crouching, it’s like they’re still in character as Nic and Jules.


Annette Bening & Lisa CholodenkoAnnette is so method, she’s even starting to experience lesbian twin syndrome with Lisa.

Angelina Jolie & Amy PascalEven the high-powered Sony Pictures Entertainment Co-Chairman is doing her best to make a pass at Angie.


Lisa Cholodenko & Wendy MelvoinI wonder if they shared their hair product with Annette.

Jane Lynch & Lara EmbryThis is what a big scary gay marriage looks like, America. Tremble at its adorability.

Santana & BrittanyClearly they’re in character here. Later, they’ll practice scissoring.

For a full Golden Globes recap, check AfterEllen later today.


JJ said...

Can we please talk about that hair and the glasses? Did I miss the "all-lesbians-must-look-the-same" memo?

Anonymous said...

Heather and Naya always seem to warm my cold heart lol. Cutest friendship I've seen in a long time.

Mary said...

I love how Heather and Naya are in SGALGG section and then Santana and Brittany are in the GGALGG. :) Four for you, Dorothy Snarker!

Amanda said...

Am I the only one that thought the Social Network sucked? Glad for Natalie and "Kids are Alright"


Deb Rox said...

This is the best photo gallery ever. Such a great Gay Globes show! (those shots of Tilda are amazing.)

LizC said...

I like Jane's dress.

Anonymous said...


Jane looks like gladiator,
I don't know why, maybe
that accessory? feels like,
if we can add sword, and shield.

I like all the pics and specially
Tina's. Today's pic looks very good.

Thanks, feeding me everyday,
don't forget, show to me
right portion of visual meal~

day by day~ woo hoo~~

nice day ds~~

Beryl said...

Tilda Swinton just rocks androgyny. First Orlando and then Gabriel...I feel as though she put Lesbian Chic on the map.

Norma Desmond said...

Oh man, I do love Heather and Naya a LOT.

Also, ever notice that Angie Harmon does a whole lotta SGALGG-ing?

Disco Loves Company said...

Great Post!!!

;) babs said...

Annette Bening + Lisa Cholodenko + Wendy Melvoin = lesbian triplet syndrome

ps. god, Tilda looked hot!

Anonymous said...

Dorothy -- don't want to sign up with AfterEllen, so I just have to tell you here that you're THE BEST (re your "Gayest Globes" posting)!!! We laughed tears in our household about the "lesbian prom" now AND 30 year reunion comment. Seriously, we couldn't stop laughing. That was THE best. Justin "the Beaver" looked so much like a baby butch and -- scarily -- Geoff Rush like some old butches I know. Hilarious! You should get paid big bucks for that. Actually, after reading your post we nominate YOU as the next host for the Globes. (I don't care if Gervais was insulting, he just wasn't funny. Period. Except for the "Lost" joke; loved that one.)