Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Glee Thang

I’ll admit it, I miss “Glee.” It’s like an hour-long vacation for the parts of my brain that process logic and rational thought each week. Instead it just stimulates the parts of my brain that like glittery and shiny things. So, yeah, I miss it. I like shiny things. Which is why I was so tickled to see the Funny or Die “Nuthin’ But a Glee Thang” video. It’s those adorably omnipresent Glee kids. And Sofia Vergara. And a blow-up Jane Lynch sex doll. And Heather Morris and Naya Rivera dancing together – closely. Enough talking, let’s cut to a music number!

OK, things I love.

1) Sofia saying “Comparing Jane with the rest of the cast is like comparing the Great Barrier Reef with a piece of dog shit. No offense, Heather. …. Heather is my favorite.” Also Sofia in a Sue Sylvester tracksuit. See, “Glee” fans and “Modern Family” fans can live together in peace.

2) Heather and her Jane doll. You could sell those and make a killing. I mean, I wouldn’t buy one. But other people. Yeah, other people.

3) HeYa together like this and like that and like this and uh. Also, when Heather says Naya and her are “like birds and bees” does that mean those birds and bees? Because, you know, thank you forever for that mental image.

Oh, “Glee.” I wish I knew how to quit you.


Norma Desmond said...

...So much happy. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. As much as I love HeMo, though, I think that Sofia is probably my favorite thing about this video.

Amanda said...

I almost choked when Sofia walked in, I kind of love Modern Family. Never kept up with Glee, but I do respect the show: it gives musicians a job (actually, probably a lot of jobs), there's campy musical numbers, gay characters, and Jane. The Golden Globes are going to be tough... I mean, I'm always on team Tina 30 Rock even nominated this year?
*nervously eats Sabor de Soledad...*


Rachel said...

Pure LOVE for this video and to you for introducing us to it. It made my "hump day" so much more...humpable?

Anonymous said...



anna said...

4) Heather shaking her bum in that onesie.

Lafitte said...

5) "Harder than the Dewey decimal system"...f*cking awesome rhymes. I'm not even a huge fan of Glee, and I've already watched this video twice :)

Anonymous said...

damnit, I hate that my work blocks the Funny or Die website. Heard about this video yesterday. MUST remember to watch when I get home.

Anonymous said...

haha, I like that movie, it seems kind of
fresh, I haven't watching glee for long.

but I do like to watch again
sometimes. do they really sell Jane doll?

and for quit it,
push the button
on you remote controller.

nice day~

p.s: I'm not good at music, like playing, so on,
but what I thought yesterday, I didn't memorize
a music but when I face the same music again
I could site where I heard it. it was slightly changed
some part but main structure was same.
I compared them cus I want to know
why I feel that.

have you experience same thing?

happy, happy day, it's very snowy,
I wish I don't make my foot wet today.
It generally happened. so hate it.

tlsintx said...

that was awesome!!!
they had me at the 'I Love Garfunkel and Oates' t-shirt.

want one.

Luísa said...

I knew you would comment on this, or at least I hoped you would. That video is awesome. I love the rap about Matthew, but of course my favorite parts are Sofia Vergara and Heather and Naya. The rap about Naya was adorable and funny, everything an Heya fan would want to see. Plus, while Naya is laying on her stomach with Heather dancing behind her... Hmmm. It's a pervy mental image I will never delete. Be like birds and bees, but the one's Cole Porter sings about.

Also loved to see Riki Lindhome. And the whole dance number was cool as can be.

Unknown said...

I seriously couldn't be more in love with this cast (and Sofia) if I tried. This video = UNFx1000

I also like the added bonus of Riki Lindhome (LouAnne from GirlTrash! for those who can't place her).

Brittany said...

This is love the Glee cast so very, very hard. So damn awesome.

Sadface for no Dianna Agron, but the rest was perfect. <3

Anonymous said...

Not a big "Glee" person since they pretty much sold out in Season 2, but I did love seeing Riki from "Garfunkel and Oats" in there along with Sofia talking about how great Jane is. :)

ysubassoon said...

"Creamsicles are delicious." Best line in any rap song ever. Love HeMo and all the HeYa goodness.