Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vacation Vixen: Julianne Moore

That face. Sweet merciful Zeus, that face.


dc said...

So looking forward to The Kids are Alright.

I'm a big Julianne Moore fan at the moment. I've seen her in A Single Man and Chloe so far this year.

She's scrumptious.

Anonymous said...

im gonna take fan's vacation.
see you when I come back!
thanks for the post,
have a great summer. :)

ingridmariarakel said...


JayFish said...

DS...I generally agree with you on physiognomy, but not this time.

J9 said...

given I am a fellow freckly red head, I have to say how happy I am to see JM every time I do!

Butterflied said...


Anonymous said...

In just the past few months, I realized how amazing and beautiful Julianne Moore is...I've caught up on most of her movies, and was pleasantly surprised by "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio." I must say she was also a great addition to "A Single Man." Definitely looking forward to The Kids are All Right.

Eva Moos said...

thank you.
totally agree.
adore her.
must see 'a single man' in cinema, late but still. omg.