Monday, June 14, 2010

Vacation Vixen: Elizabeth Mitchell

It’s shots like this that makes me really wish I’d watched “Lost.”


Norma Desmond said...

ADORE her. *sigh* She almost made watching Lost worth it for a little while.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of having difficult to understand what's
goin on?

I expect something fun today,
very disappointed.
I did watch lost, but I didn't see the elizabeth,
are you sure she was in that drama?

not about today's post,
just what I feel this time,
It's like I chose orange cus I thought it's okay but
it was expensive AND even rotten.
The water melon I didn't choose is the royal fruit
exactly what I want. somethin like this.

I'm talkin about designs.

very gloomy.

have you ever experiences bad choice?

thanss for your labor during vacation.
keep wearing bikini~

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say,

Big Shamu said...

Hmmmmmm Elizabeth.

Jenny said...

Oh, Elizabeth Mitchell. So dreamy.

Fiona said...

"O sweet Juliet!"

Shula said...

A very compelling reason to watch V :)

Anonymous said...

o, it's the bad doctor!
doesn't look like same person.

not my fave, maybe some people like her.

I didn't watch every episode,
I did when the sun or the other actor is main,
then I watched some kind actors main episode
based on the earlier episode.

so, you know the bad doctor
said very not nice thing to break sun's relationship
with her husband to make her give up going the other's camp.

the doc doesn't want her go there.
(mystery thing was sun hit her face once, but later
when they met again and the doc was explaining
why, her face looked punched more by some
people,..I think the make up artist forgot how
much paint on her face)

so sun hit her face, and then, gave up to go there.
therefore, I didn't watch the doc's episode.
her behavior is not acceptable.

but, I watched my fave actor's episode, she was nice on sun's episode, very kind person, but in hers, she burned, killed, really everything..very wild personal....

you can see them all on
love you guys, the drama is really interesting.

I had nap for 13 hours, so, I guess I don't have to
sleep for three days.

I'm kidding, what are you doing?

Morcegos no Sótão said...

Elizabeth Mitchell is not worth the pain of being a Lost fan after that dreadful final season...