Monday, June 07, 2010

Invisible man (and then woman)

You always remember your first. No, not that first. The first film that thoroughly blew your mind. Mine was “Brazil,” the mind fuck from mind-freakilicious director Terry Gilliam. Of course, I was just in grade school and had no idea what the hell was going on. (Yeah, blame my dad who let me watch with him in one of his more questionable parental decisions.) So, and more significantly, the second movie to blow the lid off came almost 10 years later with 1993’s “Orlando.”The movie with Tilda Swinton in a film adaptation of Virginia Woolf bent space, time and gender like no other.

Well now, there just might be another. Rachel Weisz has signed on to star in “Invisible X” as “a man who turns into a woman.” But this isn’t gender bending in the transgender sense, but a “[David] Cronenberg-inspired body horror” film by “Jennifer’s Body” director Karyn Kusama. She described Rachel’s role as “two characters, or essentially two halves of the same character, but she is both male and female.”

If course, the problem is money. The project doesn’t have funding yet and Karyn is working on a rewrite. But Rachel seems committed and I can certainly try to be patient. Because a film about bending gender with Rachel doing the bending is unquestionably worth the wait.

[Hat tip to the always amazing Scribegrrrl!]


Anonymous said...

Ooh, that sounded really good until the "Jennifer’s Body director" part (checking IMDB, Kusama also seems to have the odious live-action Aeon Flux to her name; this does not bode well).

Johnny said...

There's actually a pretty good indie movie called "Zerophilia" that i just saw recently. It's about this guy who discovers he has a chromosomal disorder that causes him to change sex whenever he's aroused. It actually captures the whole duality of human beings pretty well...

This sounds interesting, but something about the concept (OH MY GOD! I'M A WOMAN! THE HORROR!) seems a bit outdated and well...insulting to those who actually feel trapped in the wrong body.

Anonymous said...

Tilda looks like queen elizabeth.
I saw her portrait you know the typical picture.
The book was published very long time ago,
then it was new.

It is about how the queen lead, and manage
the land although she is a woman, and not married.
pretty interesting book

I never accept any violation of my privacy.
whoever suspicious I count. you'll pay someday.

I once forgive you.
there is no second.

crazylikeafox11 said...

Sounds exactly like Zerophilia (except with a well known actress).

Big Shamu said...

didn't Sandy Bullock kiss a girl this weekend?

Video please? With sugar on top?

Anonymous said...

Silly Hollywood! Fund this movie!