Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vegas, Padma. Padma, Vegas.

Can you hear it? Listen close and you’ll hear the almost rhythmic, almost pulsing sound of pure food porn. Put your ear to the ground. Hear it now? Padma, Padma, PADMA!

Yes, kittens, my mmm, Padma, mmm is finally back tonight. Oh, and so is “Top Chef.” The sixth season does it Vegas style, pitting 17 of the nation’s top rising chefs against each other for the title in Sin City. And, of course, there will be chefbians. As a refresher, here are our lesbian ladies with ladles:

Get to know our chefbians a little better in their Bravo introductory videos.

Meet Preeti:

Meet Ashley:

So, the key nuggets from those videos were:
Preeti is in a 13-year relationship and cooks “bold, hit you in the face flavors” and Ashley grew up on welfare and wants her diners to feel “they got hit in the face with a stick of butter.”

Wow, ladies. You really, really want to hit us in the face. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, except for the black eyes the chefs gave you with their food.

Well, as long as they keep their fists off Padma’s face, and anything else for that matter, we should all get out relatively unscathed. So, are you ready? Knife? Fork? Cleavage? Then bring on the FOOD!

p.s. Rehash each episode with me on on Thursdays (or possibly Fridays, it’ll depend on my level of sleep deprivation).


Jan_Ham said...

The return of Top Chef, Padma, and in Las Vegas, no less; this almost makes up for the impending school term.

Josephine said...

I could not possibly be more excited!

Big Shamu said...

I swear to Dog, 17 chefs is too damn many.

Mary said...

Some might say: too many chefs in the kitchen.**