Monday, August 10, 2009

Just another Music Monday

My seemingly Sisyphean task of trying to make Mondays a little less miserable marches on. Today, we try music. Now, I’m no hipster music zealot. Nor do I own a pair of skinny jeans. But I do enjoy a ditty now and then. And I’ve particularly been enjoying these lately. OK, fine, I’ve also enjoyed this.

With that, DJ, drop the needle…or push the button…or whatever the hell it is they do these days.

The Cliks, “Dirty King”

Hot queers, surf guitar, hair flips. You’re welcome.

Peaches, “Talk To Me”

A Cousin It threesome? I would expect nothing less.

The Sounds, “No One Sleeps When I’m Awake”

And you thought IKEA was your favorite Swedish import.

Metric, “Help I’m Alive”

I would like to marry this song, or at very least go steady for an extended period of time.

Lily Allen, “Fuck You”

Cursing rendered utterly adorable.

Shakira, “She Wolf”

I am not sure the human body is supposed to bend this way. But I am sure I’m thankful it does.

So, give it up, what music have you been listening to lately to soothe the savage she beast?


Fiona said...

according to my prof

Lamb, Dresden Dolls, The Tea Party, Daft Punk, U2 and George.. though I know I had a Ben Fold s Five CD in the car on Sat!

perfectflaw75 said...

That Peaches song was burning a hole in my car stereo back in May and June :)

Currently on "high rotation":

"Pearl's dream" by Bat for Lashes

"Bloodsport" by Official Secrets Act

"Rabbit heart (raise it up)" by Florence & the Machine

"For what it's worth" by Placebo

"Little bit of red" by Serena Ryder

rocketdyke said...

just got into MGMT, and now can't stop listening to oracular spectacular.

Lauryn said...

I'm all over SPinnerette right now, anyone else?

sb said...

Maja Ivarrson--lead singer of The Sounds--is queer!

Penny Cillin said...

I love love love The Sounds. So fabulous! What else? The Ting Tings, New Young Pony Club, TVOTR. Oh, and Journey.

Pysselninja said...

Yeah, Maja from the Sounds has a girlfriend. Prrrr!

Emma said...

May I recommend "Animal Collective", in particular the songs Summer Clothes and My Girls? These songs are a fair substitute for sex. (In the short term, obviously.)

roark said...

The bass player is hot and I like the music.

Kristin said...

Fuck You is a really great song. :) Thanks for the music sugesstions!

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Dear God, what have I been listening to? Well, Caty and I have been on road trips with sketchy radio play, but we did get some show tunes for awhile through Ohio. So, Getting To Know You, quickly morphed into something for the dog along the lines of Getting To Poop You. Poop replaced a lot of lines in that song. I'm singing it right now in my head. I'm sure that soon I will dream of nothing but poop.
No wonder my kids love me.

G Funk said...

Am I the only one that put the Shakira video on mute? I'll watch her all day. The song? Well...not my cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

Points to you for using the word Sisyphean. Nerdiness is awesome.

Natasha Condensada said...

Sia : "You have been loved"
The ting tings : "That's no my name"
Ladyhawke : "Paris is burning"
Bat for lashes : "Horse and I"
Rachael Yamagata : "Elephant"
Grand Avenue: "She"
Kae Shirati: "Jennys Abschlusskonzert" ( 4 minutes soundtrack)
The white stripes : "I just don't know what to do with myself"


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Lezlie Mac said...

Dorothy you were alright before, now you're effing awesome, just for posting that Metric vid.
Rawwr Emily Haines.

Also listening to :

La Roux, Florence + The Machine, The Sounds, The Dead Weather, Howling Bells, Gossip, Metric Metric Metric, and yep I second Lauryn on Spinnerette (also see Brody Dale is a hottie)

Yay music mondays !!

indigo said...
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indigo said...

Emily Haines from Metric rocks my rock'n'roll world

Hoolia said...

Oh, thank you for introducing me to the Cliks! I'm an ex-headbanger, and always wishing for more electric guitarlicious new music. They're awesome, and I'm crushed out on all of them. I could listen to Lucas sing all night. Yum!

Marie said...

Am I the only one who thinks Shakira is ridiculous in her music video and that her song is crappy? uh... She might have a kick ass body but this is seriously laughable... sorry!

PS : agreed with Emma, Animal Collective is brilliant :D as well as Bat for Lashes (the latest album is pure gold).

Anonymous said...

As a DJ...

We press buttons and click the mouse. Depending on the station, hello touch screen! ;)

J. N. said...

Passion Pit, Rainbow Arabia, Miike Snow, and James Morrison.