Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tank Top Tuesday

Sometimes simple is best. A quiet evening on the couch. A home-cooked meal. A good book. And, of course, a plain white tank top. Never let it be said that in the hustle and bustle of the modern world, we cannot stop long enough to enjoy the simpler things. In fact, I’d say they were more important now than ever. Granted, I’m not exactly sure how fake mustaches fit into this back-to-basics equation, but I’m happy to let Sarah Silverman try to explain. ‘Tis a gift to be simple, indeed.

Jenny ShimizuClearly, Angelina was powerless to resist.

Naomi WattsNormally I would advise against wearing dark undergarments with a white tank. Normally.

Leighton MeesterWho needs Chuck Bass, anyway?

Jenna FischerThis is why every office should have Casual Fridays.

Kristin Scott ThomasRemember when she said she was a lesbian once in college in “Four Weddings & a Funeral?” Hello, visual aid.

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Scott Thomas
If she wore stuff like this in “Twilight,” maybe I’d finally watch. Maybe.

Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon
Eat your heart out, Ryan Phillippe.

Amanda MooreProving that lesbian style is not an oxymoron


Shannon said...

I always look forward to Tuesdays, thanks to your Tank Top Tuesday blogs!

Thank you, as usual, for getting my Tuesday off to a great start.

An attractive woman in a tank top (sigh)!

Brenda said...

Wow! That's it. Wow! I love Tank Top Tuesdays!!!!!!

Lauryn said...

My day is set!

Reverend Jane Ignatowski said...

That shot of Jenny Shimizu with the Triumph is ART.

Anonymous said...

amanda moore.... ::swoon::

ARI said...

OMG, Amanda Moore!
amanda moore.. <3
wow..love that editorial!
i mean, of course, there's AMANDA MOORE in it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dorothy! This is exactly what I needed this morning (Yes, we get Tank Top Wednesday on this side of the world...Not so alliterative, but just as good in all other ways).
While everyone looked good. I must say, KRISTEN SCOTT THOMAS. I often have to say that, and it was lovely to see someone else say it, too :)
I saw her speaking French on tv the other night, Oh My.
Now I will go on with my Wet Wintery Wednesday with much more joy that I had 15 minutes ago.

Anonymous said...

is kristen scott thomas binding?!

Jen said...

hot!!!! thank you for your blog!

Deb said...

Another fantastically productive Tuesday. Thank you.

bets said...

I just have to say, that photo of Sarah Silverman reminds me of something she twitted once, hands down one of the funniest things I've ever read. She said, "Jesus had a beard...and her name was Mary." She is hilarious! And not related to that at all, how old is Kristen Stewart in that pic? I felt a little weird looking at that...maybe I'm the only one.