Monday, August 31, 2009

Sister act

Oh, Deschanel sisters, Deschanel sisters. You are a glamorous microcosm of sisters everywhere. The older, polished one. The younger, adorable one. I love seeing pictures of them together because, duh, they’re both gorgeous.

But I’m not interested in the naughty fantasy. First, I’m still getting over that first, unsuspecting viewing of “Sister, My Sister.” And second, well, incest is ewww. No, seriously, ewww. Instead, what I like is the obvious affection between them. The closeness, the supportiveness. I’d like to sit with them around the kitchen table and watch that special, often-wordless language only sisters share.

The way Emily instinctually holds her little sister close.

The way Zooey leans unquestioningly on her older sister.

It’s so sweet. It makes me wish I lived closer to my sister. It also makes me really, really hope that Zooey gets to guest star with Emily on “Bones” this season. Make this happen TV gods.

OK, I could be persuaded to get just a little “Flowers in the Attic” at the sight of an Emily, Amy Adams, Zooey sandwich.

Just a little. What? I’m only human.


BarbaraRyan said...

Once again you show you're excellent taste. I love the both Emily and Zooey. They are too cute and make me wish I had a sister.

I will keep praying that Zooey shows up on Bones...

TheWeyrd1 said...

OMG...Flowers in the Attic...with my 3 degrees of separation Amy Adams...sigh

Amanda said...

i love zooey. and my sister. i just discovered your blog its great!

Anonymous said...

No fair, I don't have a sister.

Yes, a guest spot on Bones that doesn't last 1 second like the cameo she did a while back.

Shannon said...

I love love love the whole Deschanel family...what a talented gene pool. I used to watch "Twin Peaks" which starred Mary Jo Deschanel (Mom) as Donna Haywards mom. Dad, Caleb is a fantastic cinematographer (including "The Passion of the Christ" and "The Patriot) and who doesn't adore Zooey and Emily?

I would love to see the whole family together on an episode of "Bones" (Dad did direct an episode already).

In the meantime I would be very happy indeed to see Zooey make an appearance alongside Emily on "Bones".

Kristin said...

Can't stand either one of them. Can't act for shit, only famous for their parents being famous, they are just awful.

bisquiat said...

One is sort of pointy and the other is not.

betseyb said...

Oh, yes! They are lovely! What movie was that where Zooey said she wanted to shoot the mockingbird? Too funny, I actually watched that with my little sister and we rewound that part over and over and laughed and laughed. So, YAY sisters! I have two and this makes me miss them both:( Great post!

Anonymous said...

i thought the little girl is the older sister.

sometimes the first kid
smaller than second. ^^

thank you for the post.
they look happy
so i guess you're.

mchottie said...

Possibly my favourite post EVER! well done D! They're both so talented and so beautiful!
I really hope Zooey visits the Jeffersonian soon!