Friday, August 28, 2009

My Weekend Crush

I know, I know – it almost seems wrong to post an image this hot. In fact, I am certain an entire weekend of seeing this atop the site will sear a hole into your monitor. I am just going to have to live with those consequences. I have no choice; a woman as hot as Sarah Shahi simply demands it. That Sarah is hot, however, was never in question. She looks sexy wearing anything – a tank top, a cop uniform, Kate Moennig. But in “The L Word” she showed us she could also break our heart. And then in “Life” she showed us she could be unwrapped like a tough-skinned onion to reveal untold layers underneath. That Sarah won’t be on our screens every week now that both shows are gone is an injustice the TV gods will be forced to rectify soon lest we, their once loyal subjects, begin to revolt and tear down the temples in their honor brick by brick. In short, after an appropriate period of maternity leave (hello, hot mama!), Sarah better be back on my damn TV. So much hot must be shared with the world. We demand it. Happy weekend, all.


Huggitis Brown said...

I loved Sarah as Carmen, but being given more screentime and character dev. in "Life", I, like many others, got to witness the true extent of her acting abilities. I too hope that the new proud mother will grace our little flashing cubes soon.
Oh and that pic, well, yes.

Kate said...

Good heavens, I love Sarah Shahi. Apparently we're not allowed to have more than two seasons of her on any given series. Loved her on TLW, and playing a cop on Life was a bonus. Sexy badass women carrying guns rank pretty high on my list of likes. Maybe she can come back and be a doctor on Three Rivers with Kate Moennig. Although if she and Kate's character didn't get to play doctor with each other outside the hospital setting, that might just be too sad to watch.

Katherine said...

I really first saw her as buttoned down, tense as hell Reese. Seeing the amazing photos from 'mens' magazines and then the even more amazing scenes in L Word were just....well, yeah. I spent some time in my bunk, just sayin'.

I hope she's back soon, too. I miss her.

plasticcalifornia said...

who's she having a kid with and where have I been? No life makes fall TV sad.

narcolepsy_slds said...

Life was such a good show, and I still hope that some network will pick it up. Sarah was good in TLW, but in Life she was so much better, and her ping-pong dialogues with Charlie are quote worthy.
But yeah, congrats for becoming (or already being???) a mama.

Dru said...

Man, I still go back all the way to when she was Jenny on Alias.

I wish her chrachter had been bigger there and stayed longer. We never even got to know what really happened to her. Not even a hey, she quit as Will's assistant because they broke up because he has feeling for Sydney. XD

She just poof, went missing. :(

And ah, she was ssooo made of win as Carmen. Just so awesome.

I never did see all of Life though, but what I saw she was pretty damn great. :D

And this is probably the most articulate I have been when I fangirl her because yeah, usually it's not pretty because people don't know who she is and I have to explain and my brain is just all but she's pretty, and hot and really talented. And she used to be a cheerleader. XD

TheWeyrd1 said...

Okay...I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the image of her baby daddy... Not workin' for me.

kc said...

Life was fantastic (ditto Pushing Daisies). It is a shame that both got cancelled. Sarah and the rest of the cast made the characters real. Here's hoping that she'll grace our screens soon.

Thanks for your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Been in love/lust with this gorgeous woman forever!

Anonymous said...

Hey I love the idea of a Sharmen reunion on Three Rivers!

Thanks for the pic to launch my weekend!

Anonymous said...

Besides being searingly hot, Shahi was definitely one of the better actresses on TLW. She was so confined and stifled as Carmen. The role clearly wasn't big enough for her. This woman needs to be featured in feature films, period.

Lindsay said...

Dear lord above, thank you for making Sarah Shahi. Detective Dani Rees can arrest and frisk me any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think one of the best outfits she ever wore was Kate Moennig. So true dorothy

Anonymous said...

The dismissal of Sarah Shahi was yet another of Ilene Chaiken's ill advised moves. Granted Shahi voluntarily wanted out of the series because of an opportunity to star on the now cancelled series "Life" still that should have been more of an incentive for Chaiken to try to induce Shahi mto continue in her role as Carmen de la Pica Morales.

Now please bear with me because all viewers were not Tibette fans. In fact many of the faithful viewers considered being forced to "swallow" or otherwise accept Bette Porter (Jennifer Beals) and Tina Kennard (Laurel Holloman) as the proverbial favorite daughters of L Word creator Ilene Chaiken as tantamount to a forced to give a blow job each and every Sunday evening.

The poor decision to let Shahi go was excerbated by Chaiken's propogation of rumours that Shahi was a difficult cast member.

Maybe if Chaiken hadn't used that exact same excuse for every cast member that left the show: Starting with Karina Lombard's dismissal in season one, she would have credibility but as you witnessed the series implosion, Ilene Chaiken hadn't had an orignal idea since season one ended.

If the character Carmen had remained on the series (played by Shahi of course), IF Ilene Chaiken had used her own works as opposed to surfing the web in search of derivative works to steal and bastardize. Then the show could have had a fighting chance and maybe, just maybe Chaiken would have begun to erect a lesbian media empire with: The Farm spinoff.

Another Lesbian Perspective:

sydney said...

Ohhh my. My heart stops.

I hadn't thought about Sarah Shahi in a while. It's good to have my crush rekindled.


EG said...

There are really no words to adequately or articulately express what this woman does to me.

Simply stunning.