Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grey zone

Ladies (and discerning gentlemen), I have seen The Scene in tonight's “Grey's Anatomy” premiere. You know, The Scene called “awesome, awkward, totally endearing” between Callie and Erica. [Note: This would be your spoiler warning. Shoo, shoo!]

For those who plan to fast forward to the good parts, you're going to have to fast forward for quite a long time. There are a couple of cute, quick non-addressing the issue scenes early on. Then one subtexty, quick non-addressing the issue scene in the middle. And then you'll need to skip to the last eight minutes of the whole two-hour show to get to the good stuff. But when you get there, it is indeed “awkward” and “endearing.” I'm going to reserve “awesome” for now, just because my definition of awesome usually involves kissing. It also lasts longer. The Scene in question is only about a minute and a half.

But in that 90 seconds you get to hear them say “the experiment was kind of a success,” “I've never done this before,” “this kinda makes us virgins” and “we can be scared together.” You also get to see them make faces like this:

See what I meant about endearing?

You'll just have to watch for the rest. But until then, please enjoy something that really is awesome. The kind of awesome that sustained Callica fans through the long, hot summer. The kiss:

p.s. By the way, the scorching soundtrack to their kiss in last season's finale is “The Quest” by Bryn Christopher. If you like what you hear, I have five digital EPs of his to give away. If you want one, leave your email in the comments (feel free to spell it out to foil spammers). Enter until midnight tonight. I'll pick five at random and let you know the winners Monday.

UPDATE I: Thanks for entering. See the winners here.

UPDATE II: Look, ma, no fast-forwarding. [Hat tip, Debbie!]


kennedyismyhero said...

Seriously. Cannot wait, to fast-forward. [eye-roll plus grumbling]

okumsrazer at hotmail

Anonymous said...

oh ms. snarker, you make it even worse to wait!

I hope it'll be on youtube by friday, otherwise us poor europeans will burst with tension...

;)) babs

TC said...

Mhm. Good song, good kissing. Trade the music for some gorgeous european music that's just waiting to be accompanied by some kissing images?
windeater at gmail

Anonymous said...

I'm almost looking forward to this season of Grey's, and I have to admit I haven't quite managed to really get into it before, although I have tried. That is an awesome clip, though.

fallon_ash at livejournal dot com

The Gentleman said...

Can't wait for tomorrow (when the episode will be availabe for us non-U.S to download..)

lamal83 at yahoo dot it

trebs said...

Great faces!
I like the idea of them feeling as virgins again. It's subtle but true. Not so scary, though ;-)
e.trebs gmail com

pyewacket said...

Looking forward to copying GA and fast-forwarding! lol :D

pyewacket88 AT yahoo DOT com

The Red Hot Paprika said...

i cannot wait for this episode. been counting down to grey's for the last month or so lol. it's supposed to be a good premiere.

i just hope that they dont screw this relationship up.

danamitey said...

I was not a Grey's watcher either but I will be!
I do love that kiss...when the feelings are strong enough you just have to hold on!

does the offer stand for the out of countriers?
danamitey at hotmail or gmail

(love a little dorothy surrendering over breakfast!)

jenny said...

such a great vid /sigh

destrega15 at hotmail

Sarah in Chicago said...

I am so tossing up about whether or not to come home early from campus ... hmmm ... I may just have to ...

sarah_hendrica at hotmail

Anonymous said...

I love the song ... and the scene ;-)

katrin.horn at

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Caty and I have to be out this evening so we're taping Greys. Damn Callica for making me like this show!
Oh, and sign me up for a chance o win free stuff: snotrax at yahoo dot com

Ordinaryfreak said...

I've never watched the show but if this storyline continues I may have to start. Even us crazy cat ladies have to live vicariously sometimes.

I love a chance to win something.

ordinaryfreak at myway dot com

chapin said...

I cannot wait for tonight. I'm leaving my conference early so I can settle in.

chapin623 at hotmail dot com

long beach kelster said...

So exciting to see more lesbian action in the mainstream media. It is certainly more accessible than all of those bad lesbian movies. Yet I am still somehow compelled to watch the bad lesbian movies.
ksrich343 at

(love a little dorothy surrendering over breakfast!)
Me too! DS is the perfect accompaniment to my morning coffee.

Vikki said...

Thanks for guiding us through it. Now, I know that I can wait until the very end to tune in.

vikki at uppoppedafox dot com

Megan said...

So excited for the new season - the Callie/Erica storyline is icing on the cake!

mkswett at gmail dot com

wrongway said...

I am so freaking excited for tonight, I love this show!!

Anonymous said...

I just watched the original clip of the song on youtube - funny, I always thought that this is a woman singing!

;)) babs

Anonymous said...

Can't wait love Grey's. But grumbling at the same time. I'm m a bit of a TV freak and Thursdays suck!! Way too much stuff on. But I hope Shonda doesn't screw this up!

Oh, and yay free stuff!!

stageleft0 at comcast dot net

chels said...

Bryn Christopher! <3

elektrafied at gmail dot com

Nelfy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nelfy said...

OMG - the wait is killing me!! those two screencaps are sooo cute!!! I probably won't be able to watch until saturday because of the AE meet-up in zurich, those two totally awesome lesbian things on one weekend are almost too much to take. almost.

thanks for posting the pictures, sooo cute! god, I love those two.

nelfy at ist-einmalig dot de

Anonymous said...

thank you for your spoiler!
I'm still eagerly awaiting tonight's episode, but now I know it's worth looking forward to. =)

Lennox said...

Yea, been living off those old vids all summer!! lol Looking forward to some "endearing" new stuff at last!

Tho' it sounds like they don't explain what happened directly after the kiss we saw in the Finale. They just broke apart and walked away?? And didn't say a word for 2 weeks( in TV time)?? Strange mating riutal! ;)

But hey....yeah, for tonite and those 90 seconds!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the alert--now I'll know where to fast forward.

dycarter AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for tonight, Surrenders I must say you always get a hold of the good stuff!
I wonder when and how Jania sp? (L Word's Papi) will make her appearance.

Robi said...

Love you think or know if
one of them is really "the gay"
(ala Rachel)
robi dot jacobs at gmail dot com

byrneme said...

I'm also exited for the Office premiere!

byrne.annierose at gmail

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the spoilers! I've been eagerly looking forward to tonight's episode, and it's really nice to know I won't be disappointed.
Well, let's be honest. Anything short of another kiss like the finale's will be a disappointment, but at least they're throwing us a bone...

macmillardsteinhaus at gmail dot com

(please excuse the length and bizarreness of the address)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for tonight!

kroche74 at yahoo dot com

Shelley said...

W00t for yet another great post!

AND freebies! :-)

shelleyq (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

Anonymous said...

Should I skip my class tonight so that I can catch those 90 seconds?

Love "The Quest".

bythesea1007 (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

oops! it's actually:

bythesea2007 (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

I love that song!

stolenstationary at g mail

Anonymous said...

OMG "we can be virgins" the dialog is dreadful.

tlsintx said...


telliott79ster at gmail

Anonymous said...

My roommates want to watch The Office I guess I'll be watching it online tomorrow! Sad.

depechemode913 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I was just feeling disappointed after watching the episode: no kisses, no lesbian drama etc. Thanks for bringing back the magic, baby!

berriesnpie at gmail

jess said...

I might start watching this show again.....or doing the fast-forward thing. I still can't stand the whole Meredith/Derek thing. Maybe it's just Meredith I can't stand.


Keeeerst said...

Absolutely love Bryn Christopher! And I think I might have to start getting into Grey's... just for the endearing faces :P

Any chance you'll be sending that CD to Scotland?

broch_kirst at hotmail dot com

vikki said... wasn't worth tuning in for AT ALL. They will have to do a lot better.

Anonymous said...

I saw it!
didnt like the virgin stuff, but god,
how sexy is brooke smith's voice!?

;)) babs

Alex said...

We watched it last night, and, taped it! You know, for personal use.

And love this song. Add me in.


Anonymous said...

love the "virgin" dialog

any chance sending it to h.k. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's me. I get NOTHING from the Callie and Erica thingy. I do like the fact that their are almost gay characters on Grey's. These 2 just don't ring my bell. Whatever.

I was also really dissapointed in the season premiere of Grey's. Sorta reminds me of that other show(you know The L Word) that jumps all over the place has to many characters and in the process just makes no sense.(Also how long before it's 40 min of commercials and 20 min of story. Almost there now)

Grey's used to have great writing, what happened???

Jennifer said...

jengofer at hotmail dot com

seriously good stuff...

as always, from ms. snarker

it is ms., right?