Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tina Fey Thursday

Dear Tina,

Hey, honey. I just wanted to write you a quick note to check in just in case you'd been feeling a tad ignored lately. Let me assure you, you are still my No. 1 gal. You're the tops. You're the best. You're the one.

OK, sure, there might have been other ones, too. It's not that I've been unfaithful, it's just that the world is filled with so many smart, amazing and hilarious women. So, yeah, I've thought about it. And maybe I've even flirted a little. Fine, a lot. I am only human, after all.

Look, it's not like you made things easy for me either. All those other women shamelessly lusting after you. They're practically throwing themselves at your feet. But do you rebuff their worship? Noooooo. Plus, it's not like you've returned any of my calls. Or replied to any of my letters. And, really, was that restraining order absolutely necessary?

But, you know I can't stay mad at you. Not when you give me one of your geeky little grins. All that other stuff just becomes so much water under the bridge when you have a love like ours. I know you only call the cops on me because you care. I want you to know that you have nothing to fear. My eyes may wander, but my heart will never stray. Though, maybe you should keep the glasses on – just in case.

Your always,
Ms. Snarker

p.s. Seriously sweetie, glasses or not, any gal with a badonkadonk like this, well, she's a keeper. My baby's got back. DAY-YUM!


Slym said...

P.S. Please cc Slym on your reply to this letter.

*Ahh heck, can you blame one of her many lustful admirers for trying?* said...

You're forgiven. ;P

Amanda said...

Love her...


Anonymous said...

Love your blog but tired of tina fey....
maybe you could explain your crush??

i don't like or hate her by the way ...i saw her but nothing happens...probably smart but not amazing for me..

please mystery

TheWeyrd1 said...


Anna said...

I recently had a dream where i came upon a stranded Tina Fey. I asked her what happend and she told me her car broke down and all i could manage to say to her was "oh blerg!"

Anonymous said...

Don't worry DS, I get it. As said in S5E4 of The L Word "She's smart, pretty and funny."

She may be a 6-8 look wise but add in the smart and funny and that my dear is what is called a total package.

pyewacket said...

I have had a thing for Tina Fey ever since one Satruday night I was up late working on a project...I had SNL on in the background...and I heard this smart and snarky woman saying these hilarious things. I turned around to see this pretty and petite thing wearing glasses and a sh!t-eating smirk...and I was hooked. For me Tina Fey is one of those women where the reference about wanting to f*ck one's brains out would literally apply.

ravaj said...

ok, but i gotta say that i wish you'd've chosen a different clip. just don't think fat jokes are funny. jokes about fat people are the last bastion of acceptable prejudice. add that to the known pressures on women regarding their body image, and, well, apart from wishing that i got out of bed on the right side today i also wish that a smart funny woman like tina would know better.

Anonymous said...

Anon (the other one) said she's a 6 to 8??? I'm not any way enamored of Ms. Fey (sorry Ms. S), but even I can say she's a damn fine looking woman. A six?? I must be a 2. There's no hope for me... lol

Anonymous said...

I know some geek girls who are bit confused over the recent trend in "geek chic".

Geek girls were often ignored in their teenage years because they were considered "too smart" and that glasses were for nerds.

Geek girls are no longer wallflowers. A girl can wear glasses, even be a bit dorky, and still be considered sexy.

But some geek girls seem to feel now they are now valued for the wrong reasons. Instead of being respected as smart and witty human beings, they are seen as a new stereotype: the quiet girl who will turn into a nympho if you play your cards right. (Not that this isn't sometimes true. :))

It's confusing for some because they've gone from being ignored to being hit on by those who just want to "sample" them. Being ignored sucks, but being objectified the same way girls with large breasts are isn't much better.

I'm glad to see this blog and comments writers appreciate Tina for the whole package.

I'm just wondering if there are any geek girls who have felt the same way.

As someone who has always loved geek girls, I am glad the times have changed for the better. Smart women have always rocked.