Friday, July 18, 2008

My Weekend Crush

Last weekend Wall•E and Eve, this weekend Cameron. All three, interestingly enough, are Tin Men – machines in search of their hearts. Back away from me with your Psych 101 armchair analysis, lady. I don't have issues. And even if I did I would just bury them deep in the backyard where no one could ever find them. What? It is so healthy. Wait, dammit, what was I talking about again?

You can see why producers picked Summer Glau to play Cameron on “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” There is something at once smooth and possibly too perfect about her, yet also searching and sensitive. Oh, right, and she can totally kick ass. As a sucker for almost any show featuring strong women, my watching T:SCC is a no-brainer. Heck it's practically a dream come true: Lena and Summer? I've got the vapors.

Sure, the first season had its flaws. But Cameron kept what could have been a one-note role (blast, smash, terminate) into about as layered as a robot can get. If her role as River Tam in the short-lived “Firefly” and its film “Serenity” weren't enough to permanently cement our collective geek-girl crushes on her, her take on Cameron should seal the deal. The bendy doesn't hurt either. Also, dude, she's wearing a tank top and suspenders. Any woman wearing a tank top and suspenders automatically goes to the front of the crush line. Happy weekend, all.


Pyewacket said...

I was strongly fighting off her powers of guns and guns seduction...but then I saw the white tank top and suspenders...and felt all warm inside. Damn her, she knows how to win me over...and get me to watch. Not fair!

DJ Spinster said...

Holy mother of god! When my browser populated her photo, my heart nearly stopped. Then when I clicked the links to the other photos, I swooned. Crush, indeed!

alien queen said...

Good choice! Sometimes it worries me that I have such a big crush on Cameron (with her being such a sociopath and all!), but it's all down to the awesomeness that is Summer.

Melissa said...

I got a golden retriever puppy back in January and named her Sarah. I just recently got a second golden puppy and named him Connor. So many people are like, "those are really cute names! how did you pick those names out?" and then I explain and their reactions turn to, "'re a nerd." Whatever, haha, I think it's hysterical.

Dru said...

Awesome choice. :D

When I got my new cell I named it River. XD And my external hard drive Jayne. But lol, excellent choice.

She's very, very purdy. And love me autographed promo pic of her as Cameron. XD Got it for X-mas, though.

Someone got it for me. I was like wow, good choice. lol.

Jessica said...

Anyone else excited about Shirley Manson having a bit part next season?? I saw the promo for the new season, when she came on for all of six seconds I might have squealed a bit. Just a bit. Honest, just a bit. How many hot, kick-ass chicks can this show fit in?!