Thursday, July 24, 2008

L’ementary news

Showgirls, spin-offs, web series...oh my! Just when I thought I was out, “The L Word” drags me back in. All L has broken loose on the show we love to hate, hate to love. Let's work our way backward to give this insanity some semblance of order, shall we?

First, the Showgirl herself Elizabeth Berkley will join the show for a multi-episode arc as “the straight girl that got away from (Bette) in college.” I think my thoughts on this casting are best summed up by a quote from Elizabeth's own Jessie Spano. “I'm so excited, I'm so excited...I'm so SCARED!”

Though, I'm not going to lie, the possibility of some kind of high kitsch “Flashdance” versus “Showgirls” Beals/Berkley dance-off fills me with inexplicable glee. All of a sudden I feel like Christopher Walken on “Saturday Night Live” with the cow bell. “We need more stripper pole!”

And in older, but no less holy hell news, “The L Word” is dead, long live the The L Word Spin-Off. Showtime brass announced that TLW will live on in spirit after Season 6 as an online crossover show centered around a yet-to-be-named cast member that could, if the executives like it, turn into a full-fledged televised spin-off for the cable channel. Want me to vague that up a little more for ya? So few details, so many lesbians hanging on every single one.

Already folks are petitioning for their favorites (hello, Tibetters, I got your note!) But I have this sneaking suspicion that no matter how much we want it to be one of the original cast members (please let it be Alice, please let it be Alice, please let it be Alice...), the new show will end up focusing on one of the more recent or more peripheral characters – like, say, Jodi or Tasha or Molly or Dylan or, shudder, Papi (all of whom will be back for the final season, by the way). I base this absolutely, positively, 100 percent on nothing more than my gut instinct. But that could also just be the Chinese food I had for dinner gurgling.

So, my chickadees, who should Mama Chaiken choose? And, more importantly, since Elizabeth is already coming do you think there's any way we could also get Gina Gershon as a package deal? Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask.


Slym said...

Forgive me for being the 'party pooper' but I really don't give a hoot about anything L word anymore. Hooray for those who still do though, don't let me spoil ur fun. In fact, I have no intent of doing so at all. Hope it's all good.

Oh and don't let me miss the opportunity for thanking Mama C for ruining me

Rock On Ms. S

Anonymous said...

when I heard elizabeth was joining, my first thought was: "where's gina gershon!?"
but I must say, your idea with the flashdance vs. showgirls dance-off is also great, ms. snarker!

I think the spin-off's star will be shane or adele.
though I would prefer alice!

but where is carmen???
or the soup chef (a little CSI crossover, anyone?)

;) babs

Pyewacket said...

You are hilarious! I suspect that it will be someone other than an original cast member, too. I was thinking more along the lines of Cybill Sheperd or Jane Lynch. Cybill seemed to be the best pimper of The L Word to come along...I bet she would love a series like this.

bellalolita said...

Gina should so do a stint on the L Word, all Corky like (from Bound) and seduce somebody's ass!

Check this bit of marketing with Gina!

spoonfed fork said...

Fingers crossed for "The Whacky Adventures of JenJen Schecter and Shaney Mac"!

DJ Spinster said...

Elizabeth Berkley?!?! Really?!?! Love the dance off idea, in full costume of course.

Spin-off vote: Dawn Denbo and her lover Cyndi. High cheese factor potential.

Ordy said...

I haven't made it past season 3 of the L word. I want to but I just can't force myself to watch any more. It just kept getting worse and made me sad :-( Although if Gina Gershon were to make an appearance I might have to reconsider.

Anonymous said...

Hm... what a coincidence that Michael K from Dlisted AND you posted that video. Who inspired who?

Anonymous said...

The word over at OurChart was that it would be a member of the original cast. It's gonna be Shane. I don't want it to be Shane, but it is.


Lezlie Mac said...

Hmmm. Elizabeth thingy..nop. Doesn't do a thing for me.

I'd go for my fav Alice, but I doubt she's bad enough for ABC/CBS/Showtime/CNN/Alphabet execs. So I'll settle for a good Double D spin off. She's wacky enough, no?

Dorothy you're hilarious, as always

Judith said...

I'd like Shane, but oh my God I would die of ultimate lesbian happiness if there were a Jodi spinoff.

Anonymous said...

one thing I'm a bit afraid of is that since it will be online that it'll only be like 3 mins. :(

Anonymous said...

First of all, my favorite episode of saved by the bell ever. Yes I watched it and I am not ashamed. Much. Second ,please let it be Shane.

dalila said...

hmm... papi and dylan are back, i'm suprised it should have been carmen

vikki said...

I actually think Alice would make the most viable spin-off for lots of reasons. I don't think it will be Alice though because I never actually get what I want in these matters.

I think it is going to be Tasha. I think she and Alice will split, she'll proceed with becoming a cop and then it will be some sort of lesbo version of Law and Order or something along those lines. Just my thoughts...

Trihardist said...

I agree that the spin-off will center around Tasha. Her circle of friends is almost completely outside of the main group, and if she and Alice break up, she'll be kind of unattached, so in perfect position to move to a new town.

And that picture of Jennifer Beals is fucking hot. I looked at that for about 5 minutes before I could even register the title of the post. Very clever, BTW, Ms. Snarker.

Anonymous said...

They could bring Dana back for the spin-off and do a "Touched by an L-Word Angel" kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

i have a weird feeling it might be Keener and the LA lesbian club scene.

but i'm really hoping its gonna be alice.



not only but also said...

Remember that episode towards the end of Arrested Development which had the promo "one of these characters dies" as the camera panned over the main characters? And then they killed off an old lady who was standing in the background? It's going to be like that. Although I did like my friend Pussywillow's comment on "your other" site that it will probably be Tim.

Anonymous said...

sorry, elizabeth is a no go actress! she's looking like a porn-star! or will ilene chaiken crate a new spin off the l word like a chappy porn tv-series? i hope not!

by the way i prefer alos alic for the spin-off's, because leisha hailey have this special humor to crate a whole movie;-)

so good luck leisha!!!

Anonymous said...

The spin-off going to be about Max and Tom. Honestly.

Though I wish it would be about Carmen and me.

danamitey said...

ummm am I the only one that can't stand Elizabeth Berkley?
omg gag me...only reason I loved the movie showgirls was cause of Gina...I don't think Elizabeth is even yeah if they brought Gina in too I would be excited
and I pray it isn't Cybil that ends up with the spin entertaining as she is I don't buy her as a lesbian.
I vote for Alice too...but hey Helena would be nice! off on her island

Anonymous said...

I want it to be a newish character they can develop because i think using one of the core cast would be what Joey was to Friends' legacy tbh!

when there are so few episodes why bring in new characters? and papi ilene... really??!

p.s hopeful for shane/jenny :)