Saturday, January 05, 2008

Pre-L: LGB Tease Naked Edition

If there’s one thing more aggravating than lyin’ and cheatin’ it’s blurrin’ a bleepin’. Am I right, ladies? Oh yeah, I’m right. So, to honor the full-nudity, full-obscenity season 5 premiere of “The L Word” Sunday, here are the naughty bits you might not have seen/fully appreciated/ogled at enough in the online stream last week. These are, of course, NSFW. Are you ready? Cue porn music and let’s get it on. [Click ’em to enlarge ’em, ladies.]

1) You know that saying……about where the sun don’t shine?Helena just learned that latex gloves have no such boundaries.
Oh hi, Paige, I was just checking this carpet……for its stain resistance.So far, so good.
Rules No. 1 in enticing an ex:Show her just enough of the merchandise……to wish she still owned the rest.
4) Jodi, what it is like……to touch……heaven?
Alice’s milkshake……brings all the……girls to the yard......damn’s better than yours......she could teach you......but she’d have to charge...which would be redundant since it’s already on a pay channel.


Jessica said...

Dorothy -

Can you let us know if there is more to the Bette & Jodi blindfold scene than was shown in the edited version on ourchart?

Amanda said...


So I need :(

RedBeet said...

Amen for lovely breasts, with a side of snarky commentary.

Thanks, Dorothy!

Anonymous said...

I must excuse myself to get a cold beverage.

Dame Rhetorica said...

Wow: Thanks, Dorothy!

And FYI, if anyone out there has been waiting until the very last minute to subscribe to Showtime, take heart: moments ago, when I added a pay channel to my Comcast basic, I somehow managed to cut my cable TV bill in half--for the next 12 months. No doubt, there will be some strange new charges on the next bill, thereby revealing the scam. For now, though, it's nice to think that watching the L World literally pays.

Greyday said...

Okay, I can no longer fight it. I'm in love with Rose Rollins. Your post has pushed me over the edge.

Anonymous said...

heya, welcome back!

"jodi, what it is like... to touch... heaven?" genius.

Slym said...

Seriously guys, if there's anyone out there who cares even an inkling about me, please make an appointment for me to have my head (and maybe my eyes as well) examined!! What the heck is wrong with me?! With all this I'm still not moved. I'm worried here people. TLW premieres tomorrow and I'm still undecided whether or not I'm gonna tune it. I think I've been eternally scarred by 1) Bette's awful stint (baby-napping and all in S3 - yes folks, I still have nightmares) 2) Kit's awful stint with WhatsHisName 3) Carmen being left @ the altar because of some AWOL dad who just waltz back into Shane's life and screw her over royally 4) The JoBette hookup (I tried to be objective, I've tried to be accepting but it just doesn't work for me - somehow Bette with that student does/did more for me) 5) TiBette uncertainty

Woe is me, I'm broken (damn u IC). Can I be fixed? Is there any hope? Can anyone help or point me in a direction where I can get help?

*Going over to the corner to cover my face in my hands and weep bitterly*

slacker said...

LuH...she can tease me any time.

The only thing cuter than Alice is Tasha and Alice. RR is the best addition to the cast. I can think of a few other recent additions they could jettison to give her more screen time.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think it was possible, but Leisha DOES get hotter with every season. Wow.. DAMN!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Beals is just... *guh* Really, she has to be one of the hottest women on the planet. That scene where she was chatting with Phillys and co... holyhell.

Sofie said...

Did these scenes actually got aired? I streamed this episode but some were cleary cutted out (like most of the blindfoldscene with Bette & Jodi) and the sexscene with Alice and Tasha.

Somewhere on the internet where I could watch it? It seems interesting. hehe ^^

iTa said...

Hello from Argentina! I downloaded the chapter from one L word website (Showtime only offered it for US), and yes, it was censored!!! Here, it´s aired on Warner Channel and theý had never censored it.
I linked your blog to mine, it´s, a brand new one!
see ya!

Amy said...

I LOVED the scene with Tasha and Alice. I seriously almost cried. Alice in her cute! They are the best couple on the show. Fuck TiBette. I hope IC keeps RR around for a very long time.