Friday, October 12, 2007

My Weekend Crush

So my weekend has officially started early. My sister is coming into town and I’m taking a mini-vacation and will be offline ‘til Tuesday. We’ll be doing girlie stuff. You know. Shopping. Gossiping. Talking about boys. OK, that’s what she will be doing. I’ll be carrying bags, nodding and listening to her talk about boys. Oh, who am I kidding? I love to gossip, and to shop. But, yeah, not so much the boy stuff.

As I thought about who to post as my crush this extended weekend, I decided I’d go classy. Hey, stop laughing. I can be classy. Seriously, stop laughing. Now you’re just being rude. Fine, whatever, I’ve risen above it. See, I’m being classy. When I think about classy women, I naturally think of Grace Kelly. She was, in a word, impeccable. Stunningly beautiful and supernaturally regal (even before she became actually regal), Grace was the epitome of her name. That her fairytale ended tragically early only furthered her mystique. She is forever the princess, frozen in perfection. Happy weekend, all.

UPDATE: Uh, I can’t believe I wrote “mystic” instead of “mystique” and it sat up there for four whole days. Clearly, I needed that vacation. That is all.


Anonymous said...

I agree that she looks sublime, but have you ever actually seen her acting? Pop-up book cardboard cutouts would be my assessment.

Have a look at High Society where she stars opposite Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Louis Armstrong plus numerous fabulous B actors (the platinum blonde reporter is a hoot) in fabbo musical. Then take a look at the original Philadelhia Story movie where Kate Hepburn plays the same lead role and you'll see some real acting.

I know she's not meant to be kate, but for heavens sake... there is no compariosn. She may be a crush but never a really satisfying obsession... Pip, Sydney

slacker said...

I mostly agree with anon's assessment of the acting...however, I will make an exception for "Rear Window."

Still, she's purdy to look at.

Anonymous said...

I disagree... I happen to love the way Grace Kelly plays the character in High Society. Her comic timing is great and she manages to be over-the-top in a good way....

'Elizzzzzzzabeth Imbrie.... It sounds like a medieval saint who was burned to death'

Anonymous said...

It might be me, but at first I thought this was a photograph of Rosamunde Pike.

Grace Kelly was stunningly beautiful, but not the world's greatest actress. Her best role was in Rear Window. I agree that she was really pretty awful in High Society, but Bing Crosby wasn't very good either. You can't beat Celeste Holm, though ... now that's a lady with a way with a line.