Friday, October 05, 2007

Clearly, I watch too much TV

Well, premiere week is over and most of the new and returning shows have had their chance to wow us. So, how wowed do you feel? After carefully planning out my new fall viewing schedule, it’s time to take stock. I think it’s probably too soon to dump anything outright. OK, not true. I never started watching “Chuck” and I decided against “Life”* -- with my apologies to Sarah Shahi. But let’s roll up our sleeves and look at the rest, shall we?


“Bones”/“House” -- Like fine wine, I think they both are getting better with age. I wasn’t wild about the latter’s cop with a grudge/House with an addiction storyline last year. But giving House more doctors to torture is a stroke of pure genius. Oh, and it looks like a few of them will be sticking around for good.


“Pushing Daisies” -- Cute, though possibly too cute. Now I’m a big fan of whimsy, but it’s always better when balanced out with a little snark. Really, everything is better with a little snark. But then, I would think that wouldn’t I? Though, you know what bothers me the most about this show? His dog. There is no way he could not have touched his dog, even by accident, in 19 years. At some point, that dog would have walked, run, jumped, nudged, bumped, crawled or snuggled up to him and then poor poochie would have been dearly departed again. So, yeah, that bothered me. Yes, I realize my insistence on realism is ridiculous since I’ve already totally accepted the premise that a man can bring things back from the dead with one touch, only to kill them again with a second touch. I remain, as ever, consistently inconsistent.

“Bionic Woman” -- Oy. The first episode was promising, but flawed. The second episode was bad, just bad. Never underestimate the importance of a charismatic lead. And also never underestimate the audience’s appetite for an ass-kicking villain. This show needs more Katee Sackhoff and more interesting acting by Michelle Ryan. Preferably together. I can’t be the only one who thought the chemistry between the two of them was, uh, bionic. Oh, and lose Isaiah Washington.


“Ugly Betty” -- It hurts me to say this, but the first two episodes have felt, well, off. It’s almost like they hired a new writing staff over the summer and the newbies haven’t mastered the fine art of snark. Too little Marc and Amanda. Too much after-school special sentimentality. It’s not a good sign that I can’t recall one quotable quip. Not one. This makes me sad. Hopefully, they’re just rusty. I still love all things America, though. No one falls down, runs into things or knocks over a tray of bagels like that gal.

“30 Rock” -- I’m thisclose to building a shrine to Tina Fey and praying to it for comedy inspiration. I am in no way kidding.

* UPDATE: OK, OK. You’ve convinced me. I’ll give “Life” another shot. In my defense, I watched the first episode and recorded the second, but it got bumped because of space issues. So, I had intended to keep watching. I’ll catch up online. You people are so demanding. My main problem with the show is the main character, Charlie. His quirks in the pilot were just so, quirky. He reminded me of a mix of Vincent D’Onofrio from “L&O:CI,” David Carradine from “Kung Fu” and Rain Man. Sarah, on the other hand, rocked. Like, hard. And I just saw this still from an upcoming episode. Butch Carmen = Hot Damn. Color me convinced.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I'm one step ahead of you on the Tina shrine (sorry, but can u blame me!!). I have to say though that based on your writings I think you're missing out on Wednesdays by not watching Hotel Babylon @ 9pm on BBC America. Viewers are raving about Torchwood but believe me when I tell you Torchwood's got N-O-T-H-I-N-G on Hotel Babylon. It's got so much snark, one could get snarkered out! I dare you to try it, that's right, I dare you (now i'm running under my bed for cover and never coming out again for fear of your wrath - imagine me daring you - Oh The Nerve of Me!). Tazmin Outhwaite is charasmatic! I'm considering a shrine to her as well, but haven't decided as yet, but my adoration of her is way up there. She's definitely won me over. I truly have to give kudos to the male lead as well Max Beesley. The entire cast has almost perfect chemistry together! Check it out.


Huggitis Brown said...

I watched ep. 1 of "Life" and it was pretty good ! Sarah Shahi gets a meatier role and I think her acting has improved or at least she gets the opportunity to show more of her skills. We'll see how the next eps. will go.

(I still want Carmen to come back on The L Word though !!)

Anonymous said...

Now if only you would do a piece on Kristen Scott Thomas (**SWOOMS**) I'd print out several pics of your avatar and post them on my mirror, refrigeration, bathroom mirror,etc, etc... Another woman I truly Adore!! *need air..... the mere thought.....must.. get... air....*


Anonymous said...

Huggits I totally agree with you. I was not hyped at all based on the trailer and write-up on Life but I did watch the first episode and I was presently pleased. Missed it this week, but it's a show I will definitely be watching. There has been negative comments about the mail lead but I think he did an excellent job, very convincing performance.


Dark Orpheus said...

We need more Katee Sackhoff as Sarah Corvus definitely. It's a very sign when the audience (okay, me and a lot of other viewers) is screaming to see the villain more than the lead.

I want a Sarah Corvus spin-off.

Courtney said...

I def. agree with you that bionic woman is falling- um- flat. The writing is *awful*. I literally was cringing at some of the lines.

I guess I can see what you're saying about this season of Ugly Betty, but I thought there were a few good one liners this week!

Also, to quote what everyone else seems to be saying, Life is actually pretty good. Better than the commercials made it seem before it premiered, anyways.

WordNerd said...

Ugh, I'm so disappointed in "Bionic." I have no problem suspending my disbelief for all manner of bionic bullshit, but this week when they caught the bad guys, complete with a giant "HERE IS WHERE WE ARE GOING TO COMMIT BIOTERRORISM" map, I threw down my remote in disgust. And some of the dialogue is so wooden.

I haven't seen the second episode of "Life" yet, but I agree that the first one was actually quite good.

Anonymous said...

Pushing Daisies = Dr. Seuss for adults. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Bionic Woman gets one more chance for me since it looks like Sarah will be back in black.

Life is good!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are missing out on Life! I don't even like cop shows, but so far the writers are doing much better by Sarah Shahi than those of other television programs on which we may have happened to catch her in the past . . . ahem, whatever those might be . . . (To be fair, the creators of said other programs may have better represented certain of her, um, assets.) Shahi or no, Life so far is the best TV drama I have seen in ages, notwithstanding Dexter and Sleeper Cell. (Come to think of it, those are both cop shows, so I am obviously in deep denial about my own television preferences. Regardless, I do enjoy Life.)

Robin said...

you wrote: "Oh, and lose Isaiah Washington."
No can't do that he's so sexy. So he utttered inappropriately - (trying not to be sexist but failing miserably)... most men do that on the regular. His interaction with the lead on bionic women had the most sizzle. everyone else on the show is trying to hard to be cool and deteched. She's channeling Seven of Nine when she really needs to unearth her emotions (the more explosive ones the better)

Anonymous said...

Thank Buddha you decided to give Life another chance! I totally agree with your sentiments about the "quirk" factor but they toned it down in the 2nd eppy. I actually refuse to watch House because of the same thing.

I love Sarah Shahi in this. Her character is awesome. There is an amazing Mulder/Scully vibe going on between the lead characters, I love it! Unfortunately, a little piece of my heart dies when ever they show SS being promiscuous with men and not women. Well, there is always the hoyay between SS and her Lt (Calamity Jane). Don't tell me I'm not the only one who saw that.