Friday, October 19, 2007

Foxy Friday

It’s Friday, so let’s fox things up a bit. I call these photos my black is the new sexy collection. Click any of the images to enlarge. I highly suggest you do, for purely academic purposes, of course. Heck, Jodie thinks you should, too. See how she keeps pointing to the one she likes best. So without further ado:
Do A Little Dance

Make a little love, get down tonight, get down tonight. And in heels, no less. [hat tip, cappuccino girl and Nea!]

Sheer Fabric Rocks

Uma learns the hard way that sheer fabric + camera flashes = nipplepalooza.

God Bless America

Damn, girl’s got curves for days. Just call her Cleavage-y Betty.

The Three Sexies

Julianne, Maggie and Kate give The Three Graces a run for their money in the hottie department.

p.s. Thanks ever so much for the blog love anna, sphygmo, alien queen, et al. Though now I’ve come down with a severe case of the warm and fuzzies. Whatever shall I do? Good thing I have the weekend to recuperate and get back to full snark.


Amanda said...

Wow. Jodie in those heels. Wow

Alex said...

LOL. I love you how you sneak Jodie Foster into the blog as much as possible. This is like her hundredth appearance, right? Can't blame you though, for some reason I find her hotter now than I ever did before...

reelgal said...

I agree with alex! the Jodi shots are WOW. But I have to disagree on the heels - those are crazy feet killers.

Anonymous said...

Jodie is so (gay I mean..) happy that it makes me even (gayer and hotter) happier for her! She rocks in those heels. Damn is it me or has it gotten really hot in here? Justin claimed that sexy never left and all these women are living proof that he's right!

Rock on Ms. Snarker... Rock ON!

Here's wishing everyone and enjoyable weekend.


Alien Queen said...

Yep, those are some killer heels Jodie has on. She could do someone an injury with those (herself, probably!)
Awww...thanks for the warm and fuzzy shout-out, Dorothy. You know you blog with the best of 'em and that your cup of snark will never run dry. Have a great weekend. :-)