Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday beauty boost

CLICK for Rachel Weisz, reflectedI always feel like Thursday gets the short shrift when it comes to days of the week. It’s not quite Friday, the glamorous gateway to the weekend. It’s not Monday, the notorious super villain. It’s not Wednesday, the naughtily nicknamed Hump Day. Fine, Tuesday gets the shaft, too. So this week in an effort to boost Thursday’s self esteem, I’m going to adorn it with beautiful things. That, and I couldn’t think of another way to tie these disparate, delicious things together. Above, Rachel reflected in her new film “The Brothers Bloom.” Below, two divine things that go divinely together. Kate and Meryl, the mad gorgeous hatters. Oh, the power of a perfectly placed hat.CLICK for Kate and Meryl, mad gorgeous hattersAnd, finally, say what you will about her life, but her voice – sweet Jesus – her voice. She may have lost the Mercury Prize this week, but she continues to win my heart.

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Amanda said...

I wonder how she'll do at the Grammy's