Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Weekend Crush

A perfectly sung song is a thing of perpetual beauty. As I think of my favorite standards, several great ones drift lazily through my mind’s ear. “Stardust.” “Blue Moon.” “What a Wonderful World.” “God Bless the Child.” “Moon River.” Yet, one of my favorites is the unapologetically romantic and unabashedly sentimental “At Last.” Sure, the song has become the go-to first dance at weddings the world over. But you can’t blame quality for creating quantity. The searing single is also one of the most easily associated with one artist: Etta James. The soulful blues diva imbues the simple refrain with a weary joy. This is what longing finally satiated sounds like. This is what love against all odds looks like. While researching this post, I stumbled upon an adorable picture of a lesbian couple at their wedding taking their first dance with Etta. I believe it’s impossible to see that and not have your heart wrap up in clover, just a little bit. Happy weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

Great song! Great diva! Too bad people still believe her (well known and brilliant) version of "At Last" was recorded by Ella Fitzgerald. Ella's nearly flawless "'Round Midnight" is a great lesson to current starlet-wannabes. Etta James should have had a career to match Ella's.

reelgal said...

What a thoughful pick for this weekend. The lesbian wedding just puts it over the top - awwwwww.

citizen spot said...

I saw Etta 3 years ago at Long Beach R&B music festival. She was awesome. I love Etta.