Friday, September 07, 2007

Buffy #6: You’ve gotta have Faith

CLICK for Issue No. 6 coversThe second story arc of the Buffy Season 8 comics has started and my Faith has never been stronger. (It’s Friday. The puns, they are bad). The new storyline focuses on everyone’s favorite rogue slayer Faith Lehane, who is toiling away in the “second-rate Hellmouth” otherwise known as Cleveland. The arc, appropriately titled “No Future For You,” is the first not written by Joss Whedon or a Buffy alum of any kind for that matter. (Spoilers ahead! I mean it! Fine, have it your way.)
CLICK for Bat FaithI have to say, damn, girlfriend. It’s good -- really, really good. Dark, funny, sexy -- this is the Faith storyline we’ve always wanted (but minus her hooking up with Buffy for hot slayer-on-slayer action…so far). The issue reintroduces us to Faith the bad girl. She’s still fighting on the side of goodness and light but her life is decidedly dank and dingy. Then, after a particularly hard kill, Giles arrives (yay, Giles, I’ve missed him with all his tea drinking and glasses cleaning) to give her the proverbial offer she can’t refuse. Finish one assignment and then get the platinum slayer pension plan. The catch (and oh, kiddies, it’s a good one)? She has to kill another rogue slayer. Do you love it, or do you love it? See the first six pages here.
CLICK for Faith going down, ahemMore things to love: Faith’s lesbionic crack about “going downtown” on a chick. Giles’ Yellow Submarine sweater. Faith’s AC/DC reference to “dirty deeds done dirt cheap.” Faith in a dress, a big, cleavagey dress. And, finally, a preview of an upcoming thing to love: the cover for issue No. 9. Yes, that is Faith. Yes, she appears to be naked. Like I said, damn, girlfriend.CLICK for Issue No. 9


ToonCat said...

How good is it?! I bought it yesterday and displayed my geeky tendencies to the world by reading it on the tube. Worth every moment. Five by five indeed!

-@^@- said...

The author is Brian K. Vaughan, who penned the superb "Y: The Last Man" comic. It looks great! :D

CityZen Queer said...

That rocks. Can't wait. I've been in Cleveland for the summer and am interested to see it depicted in Season 8 (the Carnegie Bridge is already in one of the pics). Hopefully, TFAW sends it to me soon.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

I haven't enjoyed a comic so much since when I was kid reading the Gold Key Horror series(es). The Faith arc starts off like gang busters and I can't wait to see where it all goes.